2020-10-15 - Team:Info IRC meeting

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Date: 2020-10-15 20:00 CEST

Also, briefly: Xesxen (Team:Sysadmin) and Sebastius (Team:Badge).


  • We have a FAQ! https://wiki.mch2021.org/FAQ (raboof)
  • Progress on the Zammad ticket system (raboof)
  • Progress on the blog (raboof)
  • Do we want to 'forward' questions or 'close the loop' ourselves? (raboof)
  • Recruiting (raboof)
  • https://wiki.mch2021.org/Furniture_requests (raboof)
  • As discussed we have asked Team:Terrain if there can be a big tent where the 'info desks' (team info, noc helpdesk, angel desk, ...?) are close together again. Their answer: "It is the plan to recreate a similar setup, but the details depend on how the avonturenhuis will turn out, and whether it's done early enough so that we can use it. So while we will almost certainly setup a similar arrangement to last time, we'll have to wait a fair while before planning the details."
  • Asked moebelhaus for the details, there is no rush/deadline yet
  • Timeline (e.g., when to start planning physical infodesk, important dates like start of ticket sales, assembly registration, deadline for sponsor logo's for the booklet) (sirgoofy)
  • Email from Team:Sponsors on Oct 8 [Noor]
  • Do we like the IRC meeting format?


Minutes by Noor.


Raboof: FAQ page has some of the first questions that didn't belong anywhere else. Will look into linking from mch2021.org home page.

Boekenwuurm asks about checking FAQ on a recurring basis so relevant teams can be contacted. Orphan info can be handled by Team:Info. Sirgoofy mentions some info may be outdated, and some teams may forget to update the FAQ.

Progress on Zammad ticket system

Raboof updates that Team:Sysadmin has been setting up the Zammad ticket system, so any questions sent to info@mch2021.org get turned into tickets. Raboof has an account on there and has asked for accounts for Team:Info members. A technical issue is that an account cannot be both an asker and answerer, and since Sysadmin uses the same system, so Info members won't be able to create tickets for Sysadmin. Waiting for Sysadmin to resolve that and meanwhile raboof monitors the info@mch2021.org mailbox.

Progress on blog

Sysadmin has set up WordPress blog, info members have accounts (and if not, ask for one). Visitors won't visit WordPress directly, but rather posts will be forwarded to the Vue.js website. First blog post will be tested soon, probably from Badge.team or ProjectLeiding in the next two weeks. Sebastius from Badge.team has blog access.

Some teams may need help writing the blog post, might be easier to let them give the raw content and write the actual blog post. Or some can write the posts on their own.

Boekenwuurm says anykey was interested in the blog vacancy, so wait until they're active.

Forwarding questions or closing the loop?

Raboof mentions that a question about safety was asked, about allowing a motorized couch. Nino from Team:Safety proposed such questions can be handled off to him. Boekenwuurm says last time both were done, depending on the team.

Sternis asks if other teams will have access to the Zammad ticketing system. Boekenwuurm says that some did, such as Team:Villages last time. Not all may, but raboof suggests we get some experience with it ourselves first.

Xesxen says Team:Content is also on Zammad. And that there's an identifier in the title so it should handle mail conversation just fine.


Raboof says we need someone to focus on the blog, also the booklet. Boekenwuurm says too early for booklet. Some have expressed interest but have not actually joined Team:Info. Sternis says the booklet is two parts: content and layout. Boekenwuurm says the content is mainly Info responsibility, unless we do a map-style leaflet.

Raboof will keep adding footers about Team:Info vacancies to the biweekly Mumble reminder emails.

Furniture requests

Sternis asks about shelves for the lost and found (mainly found), tables behind us to put 'garbage' on (like printers). Chairs for sitting, also for angels. More tables especially for keeping distance. Raboof says to make a list of furniture items on the wiki until we know where Team:Terrain puts us so we're ready. Avonturenhuis should hopefully be ready in time.

Sirgoofy suggests: something like c3signs for signs, chaos post, sticker table (c3stickers), angel help desk/registration, NOC helpdesk, POC helpdesk, merchandise for Infodesk/Infotent. At camp most of those were in one location, which was handy.

Raboof talked to Team:Deco about a themed template for ad hoc laminated signs. Boekenwuurm asks about Team:Villages and Team:Volunteers at Infodesk.

Need to coordinate about what space we get and neighboring whom, and what furniture we need, and passing that information to Team:Terrain and Team:Moebelhuis respectively. Also sirgoofy will ask Team:Villages and Team:Volunteers for table requirements and public-facing tables.


Sirgoofy suggested talk about when to start planning physical infodesk, important dates like start of ticket sales, assembly registration, deadline for sponsor logos for the booklet. No overview over deadline. Raboof says to go over list point-by-point and pick dates.

Sternis mentions in Orga meeting some dates were mentioned, re: ticket sales, and COVID-19. Ticket sales start in December. Final go/no-go on camp will be in April 2021.

Raboof suggests to set deadline for sponsor logos in booklet to two months before event, so a month of buffer before printing. Boekenwuurm says some will finalize much closer to event, such as days before, so six weeks.

Raboof asks if assembly registration is separate from villages. Sirgoofy says it's not, just managed by Team:Villages.

Raboof says planning physical infodesk will depend on when we know more about the space we get.

Boekenwuurm suggests planning tweets around the Call for Participation deadline.

Email from Team:Sponsors on Oct 8

Raboof suggests to reply that the deadline is six weeks before the event, and the format should be "good for print" (prefer vector, otherwise 300 dpi).

Sternis says there may be more requirements for the one doing the DtP. Boekenwuurm says that Team:Huisstijl is not at that point yet, but 300 dpi or (preferably) vector is good enough.

Do we like the IRC meeting format?

Raboof says he's happy with IRC, sirgoofy says it's far too slow and little interaction. Raboof suggests doing the status update part separately before the meeting, and only doing the discussion part real-time. Both IRC and Mumble are public. Raboof mentions that while voice chat might be 'high speed', it runs the risk of the loudest voice talking over the rest, who might need more time to compose quality messages. Also, with IRC non-members like Xesxen and Sebastius can chime in when something is relevant.

Raboof says to use the pad for a more detailed status update before the meeting. Sirgoofy says might as well do everything asynchronously and move discussions to the wiki or pad, thinks it's still too slow, unproductive, and less interactive, as opposed to voice chat. Option might be to use live transcription with a Mumble chat. Raboof says the Orga Mumbles are stressful, slow, and unproductive. Boekenwuurm says they don't have an agenda beforehand. Advantage of IRC is the log is readily available to find out who said what at what point.

Next meeting will have a more fully-fleshed out status update beforehand, and on Mumble (with human transcription). On Thursday, November 12, 2020.