2020-11-12 - Team:Info Mumble meeting

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Date: 2020-12-11 20:00 CEST


  • Look at the agenda for the Team:Content meeting Nov 14 and figure out responses to any possible issues they may bring up. Mainly about blog post procedure probably.
  • Anykey wants to do blogging, writing blog posts for other teams.


Minutes by Anykey.

  • Still quiet on many fronts.
  • If other teams have issues publishing on the blog, they should work via Team:Info to publish.
  • Team:Content is having a meeting November 14th.
  • Noor and Anykey will attend to discuss blog content, especially about promoting the Call for Participation.
  • Ticket system should be up-to-date. Noor, Raboof and Sirgoofy have access.
  • Sirgoofy will do an extra test to see if ticket system is working.
  • There is still no team member for the booklet yet.

Next meeting in a month.