2021-01-07 - Team:Info IRC meeting

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Date picker: https://poll.nixnet.services/2T1WavoyjcZQyTDe (please specify if you prefer IRC or Mumble and whether your volunteer to live-transcribe a Mumble meeting)

Updates and Agenda: https://pad.ifcat.org/p/team-info-meeting-4

The meeting is scheduled for 2021-01-07 20:00 CET (Europe/Amsterdam, https://poll.nixnet.services/2T1WavoyjcZQyTDe )

Preferences between Mumble and IRC are pretty much 50/50. No-one has volunteered to do a live transcription yet, so we will likely meet on IRC.



Any updates to share before the meeting. We won't go through these in the meeting itself, you can read them on your own pace:

[Noor] Twitter is going okay, some activity but also corona questions especially after ticket sales.

[Noor] Need more blog posts from other teams.

Short status update per team member (what have you done last month and what are you planning to do the coming 2 months?):




  • More of the above
  • Migrating some wiki content



  • Hardly anything yet


  • Creating On-Site FAQ (based on questions previous event)
  • Meeting about location infodesk


Topics for discussion during the meeting. Please add your name to any topics you add:

[stern] Relocation infodesk (Do you have any input/wishes? , Who wants to be part of the meeting with Terrain?)]

[stern] Boat tickets (Will boat tickets be sold? Does anyone have contact with the Harbour team? For now I removed the boat ticket text from the FAQ) perhaps email tickets@mch2021.org and safeharbour@dewinter.com? --raboof

[stern] Signs (It would be nice to have in the core terrain similar looking big signs pointing to the important places like the stages, coin machine, T-shirt selling, Toilet, etc. What's your thought?). Yes! I think this belongs to Team:Deco (https://wiki.mch2021.org/Signage ), but perhaps good to double-check the roles/responsibilities --raboof

[stern] Map (A map of the (core) terrain would be very handy at the infodesk. Also for in the booklet. Any idea if this is planned or whom to ask?)

[boekenwuurm] Booklet: to prepare for the booklet/infoflyer/map, a call for booklet info(and or up to date wiki info) could be made, perhaps in the shape of a wiki page. Maybe a bit early

[stern] Staff physical infodesk (who will be physically staffing the infodesk to support the angels?) promo?

[boekenwuurm] blog

[raboof] infodesk opening times: we projected 12 hours per day before (4 3-hour shifts, https://wiki.mch2021.org/Team:Volunteers/Angeltypes#Team:Info). 10:00-22:00?

What work do we expect the coming months and who's gonna do what?

[Noor] Blog posts from other teams (mainly anykey) and PL/corona updates from boekenwuurm?

[Noor] Use the kanboard! It's a nice way to see all tasks and who's working on what. (https://kanboard.badge.team - ask Noor if you don't have a login yet)


Location infodesk

Orga/team:terrain are planning the rough terrain layout until jan 16th, after that details like the exact location of the infodesk will be planned (but not set in stone yet). We have no further preferences than those confirmed by them in https://lists.mch2021.org/pipermail/info/2020-November/000032.html . Sternis will join the Team:Terrain meeting and update us afterwards.

Next meeting

raboof will create a datepicker for the next meeting, 21st or 28th of January are candidates.

Boat tickets

Also came up in yesterdays' orga meeting, no price determined by Team:SafeHarbour yet, Sternis will ping safeharbour@dewinter.com


Planned signs: Team:Deco - Sternis will contact them about their plans and to see if we know of signs that would also be useful, https://wiki.mch2021.org/Signage

Ad-hoc signs: would be good if we could make ad-hoc signage weatherproof (either with laminator or by printing on weatherproof laser paper) obvious (by using the official design, perhaps printing in colour?)


Team:Terrain will make a 'technical map' and a webbased one. Last time there was a fancy map drawn by Boekenwuurm and Stitch based on the 'technical' one.

Team:Deco is planning a big fancy map ( https://wiki.mch2021.org/Maps ), if they are done in time we could print that on A3. Sternis will contact Team:Deco that we're interested in this.

Idea: instead of a square grid we could do a triangular/hexagonal one in line with the design :D


As it's a multi-day camping event it is good to have a physical booklet with essential information, as not everyone will have a charged electronic device all the time.

Boekenwuurm will look for a digital version of last years' booklet.

To prepare we should put out a 'call for booklet info', but it might be a bit early for that. Sternis puts it in kanban.

It would be great to have a person whose main responsibility is the booklet.

Form factor doesn't need to be a 'booklet', i.e. a fold-out map could also be cool.

Staff physical infodesk

There should always be a Team:Info person at the start of the shift (to explain) and at the end (to hand out food vouchers). After that we can be on-call, though it is fun to spend time there. Raboof, Sternis and sirgoofy all plan to. Noor can keep an eye on mail and social media. Last time we had 3 Team:Info available, that was managable but at least one more would be good.


The 'Promo' role is a bit between Team:Press and Team:Info. Since we are not too ambitious here (we want to make some stickers and maybe posters, and distribute them to hackerspaces when they open again later this year) it seems reasonable to make that part of Team:Info.


Last time, there was no blog this early, so yay!

Would be good to ping orga@ and ask for more submissions. anykey (not present) offered to help writing for teams that appreciate that, so perhaps also send this mail?

Opening times

We projected 12 hours per day before (4 3-hour shifts, https://wiki.mch2021.org/Team:Volunteers/Angeltypes#Team:Info )

10:00-20:00 seems sufficient. Would be nice to also have some (limited, without angels) opening times on day 0 and -1.

Sternis, sirgoofy and boekenwuurm expect to arrive early. Boekenwuurm would love to do a buildup-infodesk-shift

Expected work


  • Keep answering Zammad. Volume managable for now, will need help later.
  • Start migrating sha2017 visitor wiki pages, assign teams if possible
  • Look for a shop that can do hexagonal stickers


  • Tasks discussed above
  • On-site FAQ


  • Twitter (and FB/Insta, but lighter on those)