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Team Content Meeting Minutes


Absent with notice

Absent without notice


As decided in the 2022-05-29 meeting


  • Notes? Martian
  • Chair? Walter
  • Any other topics?
  • I can't make this meeting: Erik, Hugh, Teirdes, Robin



  • Speaker stickers have arrived, look nice, thx Hugh!
  • Budget, call from Stitch

Action points

  • Amount of slots: Adapt the spreadsheet. How many slots do we have available now? 20, after accepting talks and workshops schedule is (almost) full. [Hugh: done]
  • Reimbursement privacy policy and rules [Walter: policy done]. Todo rules. [Walter: done]
  • Submitters had 2 weeks to confirm their presence. Send another email before accepting more. [Hugh: done]
  • Voting by visitors, end of May, Erik did a demo. Send email to sysadmin.[Erik: done]
  • Bridge to Zammad (for speaker expenses). Check with sysadmin. [Erik]
  • Tallying number of hotel rooms required in Zammad [Erik]
  • Web server for static output of the schedule [Martian/Claudia: communicated to sysadmin, currently a link but that can change in a static website]
  • Communicate with existing app builders that can host the schedule [Hugh will reply: done]
  • Can we see when a submission is made or changed in pretalx? [Martian, make feature request: done] https://github.com/pretalx/pretalx/discussions/1315
  • Email Productiehuis 20220525 Silent stage proposal, answer needed soon. We would like to have it but don't want it to occupy our slots [Martian: done]
  • Expenses spreadsheet: what can we approve/reject?

New topics

  • Shopping for schedule weekend [Robin]
  • Turn voting data into useful info [Erik]
  • Export info from pretalx and create A4's with cards per talk/workshop with info like: speakers, title, availability, ... [Jos]
  • Assist speakers with Visa [Nicolas]
  • Lightning talk coordinator [Walter]

Speaker desk

Heralds and Angels (needs to be notified to Team:Volunteers)

Heralds some updates the last weeks, what's the status? Katzazi will be part of team Heralds. [Walter]

Will design input for speakers [Kirils]

Where is the form? [Kirils]

New blog posts?

Any Other Business

Topics for next meeting

Next meeting time

2022-06-10 12:00 - 2022-06-12 18:00 CEST. Can't join: Erik, Viola

Future topics

  • Kirils: Can we accomodate longer break groups, stagger them. Let's do it during the schedule meeting.

Important dates

  • 10-12 June: Schedule weekend, The Hague/Scheveningen. Can't join: Erik, Viola
  • 18 June: Last orga meet at RevSpace