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The Badge

A prototype badge
This is the badge you'll get

This year, Team:Badge has prepared another truly special little toy.

  • You should have gotten one coming into the camp (and you should have brought a USB-C cable for charging and hacking). Go to the Getting Started section if you need help assembly the badge.
  • Once it's running, choose the menu item OS update to install all the features we didn't finish by the time we had to flash the Badges.
  • After everything is up to date, learn how to hack the Badge.
  • Make lots of improvements and send us pull requests at our Github home
  • Write lots of apps and submit them to the Hatchery app store
  • Come visit us at the Badge tent if you need help

Getting Help

  • We will be holding a couple of workshops to help you get started and hopefully remember to post them here ...

Some talks that may be interesting