Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2021-09-22

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Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2021-09-22
Name Bi-weekly Orga Jitsi
StartDate 2021/09/22 20:00:00
EndDate 2020/09/22 21:00:00
Where Jitsi,


This is a bi-weekly meeting is on jitsi The address is: For more info see jitsi. An overview of all meetings is here: meetings.


What is an orga Jitsi?

The orga jitsi is a bi-weekly online meeting where the progress and state of the organization are shared. It serves as a moment for the orga to meet each other and discuss things that are (bound to) happening.

Do i have to register?

The jitsi meeting can be accessed without any registration via the link above. Just use a modern browser and join.

Are there minutes?

Minutes are made every jitsi and shared on the respective jitsi meet page.


  • (PL) terrain contract is almost ready
  • Stitch (PL) working on business cards, working on MCH2022 every friday, easy for meetings
  • Benadski (power) working on high-voltage power line directly to field together with Liander (contact team:permits for safety drawing in permit)
  • Hoxolotl (deco) > plans to make printed cloth with MCH house style art on it, path lighting, ~100 LED art installations, fire spewing dragon
  • Hobbybob (deco) will think along with safety & permits for fire and lasers
  • Donutz (deco) party area > plans to have a stage with live performances every night (together with Chris from team:music)
  • Halcyon (PL) Boels [big machinery etc. renting company] is currently swamped, we will get back in touch with them in the beginning of november
  • L: should we take into account airplanes and such with our lasers?

- yes, and we have a permit for our lasers. The air traffic around the event is updated about the presence of lasers.

  • is there a regulation for drone flights?

- we are planning to have a public statement about where and when you can fly your drones