Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2022-02-09

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Bi-Weekly Orga Jitsi-2022-02-09
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Jitsi
StartDate 2022/02/09 20:00:00
EndDate 2022/02/09 21:00:00
Where Jitsi,


This is a bi-weekly meeting is on jitsi The address is: For more info see jitsi. An overview of all meetings is here: meetings.


What is an orga Jitsi?

The orga jitsi is a bi-weekly online meeting where the progress and state of the organization are shared. It serves as a moment for the orga to meet each other and discuss things that are (bound to) happening.

Do i have to register?

The jitsi meeting can be accessed without any registration via the link above. Just use a modern browser and join.

Are there minutes?

Minutes are made every jitsi and shared on the respective jitsi meet page.


Present: 22 people


  • Sanitair betaald
  • Scouting contract has been updated to include the front end parking
  • There is a first draft map, will be overhauled again tomorrow because we can(tm)
  • Stairs over the dike are an option (RWS), will add some work for layher crew
  • No avonturenhuis, not cost effective.
  • Rijkswaterstaat allows stairs on the DIKE, we can actually build stuff. Planning next steps!
  • Another sponsor signed: Computest. More sponsors coming in. Awesomeness ensues!
  • Portocabin contract signed
  • Hotel rooms are reserved again


- RFP is go! Feedback from party area: Max party area is 500 people



  • Met with German angelsystem developer team and got the system explained. They will possibly also join team volunteers getting some much needed experience and extra members on the team!
  • Began a document with policy stuff for volunteers to keep them safe and sane. Things like 'work hours' during buildup.
  • There's contact with Mecklenburger (TODO: Check name?)

Begin thinking about angel types please!

Please think about making blog posts on what your team is doing.


Update from Sebastius: found someone willing and able for designing merchy things. Sketches soon(tm).


- Lattice confirmed we'll get FPGAs >>FoR fReE<<


Shop for villages can be opened on Friday 11.02. The shop is open until the 22nd of April. (first run)

On-site Logistics

Nothing really new. In close contact with Boels for a new updated quote. Adding some stuff for Moebelhaus. If a teams needs something from Boels, let me know quickly.

Some cool logistics challenges to solve are already comming in too :). Let me now if you have some too. Will try to hack a very agile planning.


- armadillo/LL style hangout area, stage will not be that big. - minecraft style - maybe use containters for bars/food for handy stocking, and for "hiding" tech - Michiel will detail the area in autocad and will ask for certification of the build. - we need help from the following teams: bar, food, security (mainly late hours so peope don't do stupid stuff) - question: who programms our stage? Where is the boundary of what is expected from team party-tent.

Team Content

Two new team members. CfP is extended until the 1st of March: If you have a suggestion for a potential speaker approach the speaker yourself or give us a hint: We are talking to and are approaching more potential speakers. New blog post in the works

Volunteers needs to add one bit i forgot


  • Start thinking about angel types: what types of shifts for your team? Most jobs you want are generic angel jobs.
  • Be clear if training is needed, what training etc. Add this to the volunteering wiki page.

2: All teams should start writing small or large blog posts (see content on this page). Might also attract people to your team.

Close off

1114 tickets sold. A little bit behind SHA2017, so given the current situation this is absolutely very good.