Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-05-12

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Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-05-12
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Meeting
StartDate 2020/05/12 20:00:00
EndDate 2020/05/12 22:00:00
Where Mumble,


The orga meet has been _moved_ to mumble! The address is: For more info see mumble.

  • Calendar: Tuesday might not be the most suitable evening because many hackerspaces have their regular meetings. Another evening, such as Thursday, might be more convenient. user:Juerd gathers information and makes a proposal.
  • The contract with scouting for the terrain has been updated based on feedback, signed and sent to the scouting. We now wait until they sign it or request further changes.
  • We want to protect our organization and board as much as possible. It is impossible to be completely safe (even in a 'normal' year without the additional uncertainty due to the virus), but we do our best to protect ourselves in case the event cannot continue as planned or suppliers might disappear. This includes but isn't limited to insurances, 'bankgaranties' and 'indeplaatsstellingsgarantie' to protect ourselves in case a supplier has problems. In general it is too early to say much, best we can do is to be careful in our commitments and define go/nogo moments. user:Stitch has a program of ~15 measures we can take.
  • The risk of visitors staying away because of travel restrictions is relatively smaller, since most of our visitors are from BeNeLux/Germany.
  • Event companies going away could also lead to interesting opportunities in foreclosure sales. On the other hand, we try to 'own' as little as possible: storage is expensive and renting is often very competitive.
  • Sponsoring: a sponsordocument is taking form, but we're not taking much action on this right now because most companies have other priorities than sponsorship right now.
  • Content: CfP is being worked on, we are slowly starting to reach out to some interesting people. The current thinking is we're planning on 3 large blinded tents (maybe 4) and 2 workshop tents (maybe 3). There are ideas for music, but this will likely be separate, for example near the foodcourt/bar and harbour area's.
  • There are people talking with Liander again to organize power without needing generators. This would be really cool and much 'greener'.
  • The orga meeting planned for the 23rd (right after the lockdown may end) will likely still be digital.