Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-05-27

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Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-05-27
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Meeting
StartDate 2020/05/27 20:00:00
EndDate 2020/05/27 22:00:00
Where Mumble,


The orga meet has been _moved_ to mumble! The address is: For more info see mumble.

Update from Stitch:

  • Piele will migrate the mail server next week so less likely to be our mail end up in a Spam folder o/

Talking about NL and Corona rules.

Volunteering ideas:

  • send a mail to a dutch hackerspaces mailinglist
  • tweekers(?)
  • more structure to wiki and boarding-page (Juerd)
  • contact information (who to contact)
  • meeting plans by teams on the wiki (so newcomers can see how is the activity in the team)
  • description how to use IRC
  • welcoming new team member (by mail or something)

Knorrie offered to find some nice pics for tasks.

Bar and Music.