Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-07-20

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Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-07-20
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Meeting
StartDate 2020/07/20 20:00:00
EndDate 2020/07/20 22:00:00
Where Mumble,


Bi-weekly open Orga meeting on For more info see mumble.


Short updates

  • Contract with scouting signed
  • Conversations with veiligheidsdriehoek will start
  • The covid situation in NL is improving according to some
  • The "bankgarantie" is pending for the first iteration of the tent contract

Power situation

We can use the infra on the terrain, limited to certain areas on the terrain. Current map with the reach of the current infra: - Red colored area = power, Yellow colored area = uncertain

Conversations are ongoing with Liander and Aggreko to use grey power instead of diesel generators.

Update field day

Suggestion: Bring PMR radio's, esp with social distancing and field tours. Will be added to the "bring this list".

Two things:

   - Please register, even if you can't come:
   - Bring a party tent if you can. And bring PMR radio if you can.

Avonturenhuis status

(This is the big, newly built, scouting building at the center of the terrain) The contract states that Scouting will inform us before the end of december. If there is a "no" then we'll have to arrange tents.

Badge update

Rough idea what to build. Navigation on the field is going to be a key feature. Next to that: post apocalyptic communication. There are regular meetings.

The first go/no go is near late october.


Need to start working on uplink sponsors, last time that was pretty expensive Parties will be contacted for sponsoring and support

The huge datacenter near the terrain will be the Facebook datacenter. Probably not ready at the event. (for those reading: no we don't)


Fixing the e-mail to spam issue asap.

Team is slowly coming together. Fourth team member is interested.

Official go / no moments

Will be around december, mainly depending on the covid situation.

The timeline (in Dutch) is: - vanaf ± de 2e week augustus worden vragen voorgelegd vanuit het evenement: wat wij voor ogen hebben, wat we nodig hebben, omgaan met nieuwe regels e.d. Er wordt ongeveer ±2 weken gewacht op antwoord, daarna opgevolgd. - 1 september publiceert overheid nieuwe regels voor evenementen en festivals, die waarschijnlijk relevant zijn voor ons - half september heeft de gemeente/ghor/ e.d. tijd nodig om te bezinnen hierop en te antwoorden - begin oktober is er een fysieke meeting met gemeente/ghor om af te stemmen / overige vragen te stellen e.d. - tot begin november heeft de gemeente/ghor e.d. tijd nodig om tot een antwoord te komen - 1 December is het Go / No Go moment: we kunnen dan uitstellen als het gesprek met GHOR zo uitvalt tot maximaal eind January

There are various options to make sure lectures will be fine: even larger tents (OHM size, or even bigger, which is not that expensive). Or raised platforms outside podia, with room around the speaker (in a circle): as the terrain is absolutely huge that will fit pretty well.