Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-08-05

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Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-08-05
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Meeting
StartDate 2020/08/05 20:00:00
EndDate 2020/08/05 22:00:00
Where Mumble,


See Mumble for information on how to join.

Previous meeting + minutes: Bi-Weekly_Orga_Meeting-2020-07-20




First downpayment is done.

Orga Meet / Field day

Planning is going pretty well. 55 people signed up.

- Another broadcast will be done when the mail situation is fixed (and everything can receive mail again :)) - There will also be a broadcast about building up / tearing down. - We'll pay for garbage disposal instead of bringing it home

Will be a team meeting to see if everything is accounted for.

Approaching companies can be done already.

Another meeting will be planned before the field day.


Begin on early september with preparations.


Brenno is offering for FG, and will write a mail to make sure this will be addressed.


We're no longer BUNQ customer. 15 euro was the limit. There is no similar service as we had before. They messed it up. Hope there is an alternative, otherwise we'll just make due with a new system.


There are still a lot of roles that are not assigned to a team.

There is a new feature on a wiki that can match these things to the teams page.

All roles not taken at the end of august will be assigned. But first this will be announced at the orga meet etc.

You can add a role to make a new role page.

Volunteer needs

Just a quick reminder: Any teams that already know details about their volunteer needs, please fill it in at . It will help us get started on an inventory.


To send out the CFP things have been fixed.

There are some issues with mail, we're chaning mail server tomorrow and that will probably resolve mails not being received by Google users and some others.