Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-11-25

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Bi-Weekly Orga Meeting-2020-11-25
Name Bi-weekly MCH2021 Orga Meeting
StartDate 2020/11/25 20:00:00
EndDate 2020/11/25 22:00:00
Where Mumble,


See Mumble for information on how to join.

Previous meeting + minutes: Bi-Weekly_Orga_Meeting-2020-11-09

Minutes Mumble 20201125

Present: peterder, ak47, attilla, boekenwuurm, konmei, lumi_chan, netsmurf, nino, redlizard, stirling, stitch


Ticket sales

Ticket sales will start around the 20th of December. We'll be announcing that in a blogpost hopefully this week.


Working hard on finalizing the concept. It will be a generative design. We found link to may contain hackers. Depending on the input the design may or may not contain a hacker.


Tickets here:


E-mails have been sent out to request input for terrain layout: what requirements they have. (should things be next to something etc). Once people have responded there will be a brainstorm meeting.

The warehouse is being built. Both aventurenhuis and storage should be completed and present before the event. New terrain map:


We're testing a new topology and looking at what policies we're going to have.

Meeting closed 20:20