Bi-Weekly Orga Mumble-2021-03-03

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Bi-Weekly Orga Mumble-2021-03-03
Name Bi-weekly Orga Mumble
StartDate 2021/03/03 20:00:00
EndDate 2021/03/03 20:40:00
Where Mumble,


See Mumble for information on how to join.

Previous meeting & minutes: Bi-Weekly_Orga_Mumble-2021-02-17


== Decision made to stop ==
Minutes are discussed:
Question about total running costs:
    About 7000 to 10.000 euro lost
    Depending ±donations / who wants to donate their ticket
    Still about 20k on the bank account
    People are asking to help cover costs for MCH.
    Idea from badge team: the badge can also be sold for "profit" to cover these costs.

Opinions about online/offline event:
    Technically: for speakers getting consistent audio/video is hard or impossible
    - "An online event feels like no event, just something online with another logo"
    - "I usually go to another physical event, and i think the online variant does not make sense"
    - "I guess that most people go for social interaction. Calling an online event MCH event it would detract from value."
    - "high profile speakers: nobody could commit"
    - "There are some people in the badge team that want to create a mini-online conference - workshops per day etc"
    - "A badge-only event could possibly work, the campzone 2020 model"
    - "Having something this year gives something work towards"
    - "Badge team wants a party"
    - "Try to spend time on fun things this year"

Opinions about an event next year:
    - "I wonder if we can get enough volunteers"
    - "everything from the last year will be done in 2022"
    - "we don't want to cancel a second time if there is uncertainty"
    - "i only want to do this if there is an all clear, to be in full control"
    - "it would help if this could actually happen (covid-wise)"
    - "until the point there are physical meetings again, it will be useless"
    - "If the road is clear community wise and covid wise people will join"
    - "Mostly start ±6 months in advance (if there are people), some teams need a year+ in advance"

Ideas about online / badge event:
    - Directly shipped from china
    - Productiehuis can and is willing to support
    - Getting the badges in the hands of participants in time is not a challenge
    - There are some chip shortages which might cause price hikes
    - Most parts are secured

Help is offered for wrapping up the event.