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So you have a topic for the MCH2021 blog? Your team is working on something awesome for MCH2021 and you want to tell the world about it?

Awesome! From previous experience, for the blog there are three levels of support, and Team:Info is happy to help all three out! These levels are:

  • My team/project has a complete blog post
  • My team/project has some paragraphs, but not a cohesive story
  • My team/project is working on this cool/interesting/important thing, but has no time, idea or inspiration to start writing about it

All three levels are valid, and with all three we can help you out! Just send a mail or contact us on #MCH2021-info.

Support levels

My team/project has a complete blog post

Great! Team:Info is happy to publish it. We do a last check if readability is fine, we ask you to add one or more relevant images if possible, do a formatting and a spell- and grammar check. Then we push publish and promote it on social media.

My team/project has some paragraphs, but not a cohesive story

No problem. Contact us, and we will help you out making it a blog post that has a good readability and is a complete story.

My team/project is working on this cool/interesting/important thing

Cool! Contact Team:Info, and we see when we can work something out. Writing a blog post is time-consuming through, so give us some time to make time.

Blog procedure

  • Contact Team:info at either or IRC
  • Have a quick discussion on the amount of assistance needed
  • Have a quick discussion on maintaining a minimum level of consistency in blog topics (Keep it relevant to MCH2021)
  • Follow through on the assistance
  • Check formatting
  • Publish blog


The blog is a WordPress instance. The output of the blog is then converted to fit the layout of the website. So there is no advantage to working directly in the blog system. A document with markdown formatting can be directly placed, with persistence of the formatting.


Blog post with relevant images look better than just a wall of text. However, keep attribution in mind, and give proper attribution with all images. If your team made the images themselves, please add a licence. CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike) is a good one to have.


Team:Info will work with the author(s) if there are any points of contention with the blog post. Team:Info has no plan to rewrite entire paragraphs without the author's knowledge or consent.

Veto process

If there are any issues with the blog post that the author and Team:Info cannot agree upon, whether it is about if something is a CoC violation or not, ProjectLeiding gets final veto.


Members of other teams can ask Noor or Raboof for a contributor account on WordPress. WordPress contributors can write and manage their own posts. After hitting 'Publish', the post will move to the 'pending' state. Please ping Team:Info at - we will do our best to get posts published within three days, if not sooner.

WordPress roles and capabilities


After publication, Team:Info may correct typos or formatting errors and inform the author after fixing.