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Day Weekday Date Time Event
Day 0 Thursday 21 July 2022 12:00? Access visitors (be aware buildup is still ongoing, some facilities might not yet be up and running)
22:00? End of build-up
Day 1 Friday 22 July 2022 17:00 First talk
Day 2 Saturday 23 July 2022 Talks
Day 3 Sunday 24 July 2022 Talks
Day 4 Monday 25 July 2022 Talks
Day 5 Tuesday 26 July 2022 Talks
16:00 Closing talk
18:00? Start teardown
Day 6 Wednesday 27 July 2022 12:00? Last visitor leaves, orga+volunteers continue teardown


MCH2022 takes place on the beautiful terrain next to the Nuldernauw. This terrain is divided into fields. All fields are named after people who are memorable, who were pioneers in their area, be it computing, cryptography, medical innovation, aviation, space technology, internet privacy... or even heroes of some kind.

They are arranged in alphabetical order, starting at the northern side of the field, and going down to the southern side. So if a friend tells you they are at Wozniak field, and you're presently at Clarke field, you already know that you'll have to cross pretty much the entire terrain to meet them, and it would be wise to grab a bottle of mate for the trip. However, if they are at Babbage field, it's worth sticking your arms up and waving: they may be able to see you.

When you try to find a place for your tent, keep the sound in mind. As sound travels well over water, it is desirable to keep loud noise on the dry side of the dyke. Also, a lot of the babies will sleep in the Family Zone. Noise can be made until 1:00. But after 1:00, please keep it down to let people and the neighbours enjoy their sleep.

Power on the fields

For safety reasons read this first, before connecting your equipment. The distibution cabinets on the fields can be used to power your stuff. They are placed about 25 meters apart. Be kind and share your power with your neighbours. Keep things dry! Use SCHUKO plugs, we don't facilitate the BLUE 16A CEE plugs! There are some 400V/32A 5pol. sockets too for villages and bigger projects. Consult team power if you need to use one of those for big stuff like pizza ovens. You cannot use full power everywhere. Try to cook on gas instead of electricity.


Since we can't allow too many cars on the field during buildup, we built a tool to help visitors to distribute their arrival over time. By setting the 'Buildup-Timeslot' value on your User-Page on the wiki you can indicate when you want to arrive and enter the field with a vehicle. Please also register in the angel system if you want to arive during (early) buildup. That data is then aggregated and shown on the Camping/Buildup page.

Those timeslots have no binding value! They just exist to help planning. The Security/Entrance Team will hand out vouchers to enter the field on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Bring your own tent

Small Tents

The most obvious way to provide a sleeping space it bring your own tent and camp on the field. There are no requirements for small tents. Small tents provide sleeping space for a maximum of 5 persons, and include small pavilions.

Large tents

Especially when you're bringing a large tent (larger than 25m2 or with more than 10 people sleeping), check out the safety requirements, it has a section dedicated to large tents.

You can no longer rent tents through the MCH organisation; they're sold out!

Campers, Cars and special Vehicles

Because the terrain is quite squidgy, scouting doesn't like any vehicles on the grass. That leaves only a few small areas that can be used for vehicles and therefore the number of vehicles allowed on the fields during the event is limited.

Getting a Camper ticket

SOLD OUT, but perhaps check the Ticket Exchange.

Important Rules

  1. A camper-ticket is not a parking ticket! Its intended only for camper/caravans and not for any kinds or cars/vans/busses.
  2. You can't select the location of your vehicle on the terrain. That means you most likely won't be able to camp next to a specific village.
  3. Check out Campervan for more details on using your home-on-wheels during the event.

Special Vehicles

We do recognize that some people want to bring 'special' vehicles (Hackerspace bus, Art installations, ...). It they are an important part of a village or contribute to the awesomeness of the event it will be possible to have them on the terrain.

Please contact Team:Villages and tell them about your special vehicle to have it pre-registered. Also make sure to select the checkbox for 'special vehicles' in the villages form.

Arriving by camper or special vehicle

How to arrive by camper or special vehicle


If you can't or don't want to bring a tent, there are some other options.


A KarTent is a tent you can order from the MCH ticket shop. They are made from water resistant cardboard. These tents are one time use only, and after the event all the tents will be recycled. This is a good alternative to buying a tent if you dodn't have one or to save room when travelling. You can collect your KarTent on the terrain from day 0, and place it at your village or any other available camping area. When picking up you KarTent, you can also rent an air matress and sleeping bag.

The dimensions of the KarTent are 1,60 meter by 2,20 meter, and 1,30 meter at the peak. The tent has two layers of cardboard to keep out the rain and for isolation purposes.

Big tents


Tables & chairs



MCH2022 has its own harbour to offer a place for boats to dock during MCH2022. You can find more information at the Safe Harbour Authority.

Buy a ticket for your boat

You can buy a ticket for your boat in the MCH ticket shop.

Arriving by boat

How to arrive by boat


You are allowed to cook on gas (not charcoal!) on the field. Please see our safety rules for details! Cooking on electricity is discouraged, but if there's no alternative, please consult Team:Power first, it might have implications on where you can set up your village.

There will also be a number of food trucks on the field.


Unfortunately the camp is not a very animal-friendly area, and we have to adhere to the rules set by the owners of the field. This means dogs and other pets, with the obvious exception of certified service animals, are not allowed on the field. Stuffed animals are ok. There might be some mosquitos on the terrain already, be prepared for this.