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Ride Sharing/Hitchhiking

Do you have some free space in your car that you'd like to provide to other hackers traveling to the camp, or do you need transport to camp yourself? Leave an entry below!

This page is a visitor initiative. It is neither maintained nor supervised by the camp organization!

Offering a Ride

Who From/Home to Date of Arrival Date of Departure Free Seats Free Space for Goods Contact Information Further Comments Direction (from/to/both)
Lehnin Berlin 2022-07-22 2022-07-21 1 Yes Phone: Plus fourth nine 1733593275 We plan to stop for one night to
User:Askarel Hennuyères (BE) 2022-07-18 2022-07-27 (afternoon) 4 Yes Phone: +32496891595 big dark blue camper. Stop over at a local garage for a check to
Moon300 Eindhoven, Netherlands 2022-07-22 2022-07-26 1-3 Yes moon300web Atattack Plan to leave Friday morning. Toyota Aygo (Small car): 1 traveller with lots of stuff, 2 travellers with normal stuff or 3 *extreme light* travellers. Plan to leave MCH2022 on Tuesday noon/evening both
stevenwr Newark, England 2022-07-22 2022-07-26 3 Yes Driving. Nissan Navara. Reasonable amount of space. Ferry from Hull on night of 21st. Ferry back night of 26th. Open to splitting fuel and ferry cost. both
B3rtl Chemnitz, DE 2022-07-22 2022-07-26 3 Yes Driving. Octavia. Platz gibts noch. Würde mich freuen, jemanden auf dem geraden Weg zur MCH mitzunehmen und die Spritkosten reinzuteilen. Habe großes Zelt, noch 1-2P Platz, Fahrzeiten diskutabel (a.A.) both
Brian Den Bosch, Netherlands 2022-07-23 (maybe 22nd after dinner) 2022-07-26 2 Yes Planning to leave early on Saturday, maybe Friday evening. Small car, so for the light packers. Can pickup at central station in Den Bosch, am willing to make a slight detour if that helps. both
Stan Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands 2022-07-23 2022-07-26 3 Yes carpooling-mch2022 (at) Planning to leave Friday morning. Small car, so either 3 light traveler or 1 heavier traveler. Can pickup at a train station along the way (Bodegraven,woerden, Utrecht, Amersfoort). both
stv0g Aachen, Germany 2022-07-20/21 2022-07-26 1-2 Opel Vivaro with some free space Will leave Aachen sometime between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. both
Skippertje Nijkerk, The Netherlands 2022-07-22/26 2022-07-22/26 2-3 Vw Passat Will drive to and from Nijkerk all days, live near the train station both
Karambahh Lille, France 2022-07-26 15:00 1-3 Dacia Lodgy with some free space whatsapp +thirtythree 621195935 Can drop along the way (Utrecht, Breda, Antwerp, Ghent, Kortrijk). from

Looking for a Ride

Who From/Home to Direction (from/to/both) Date of Arrival Date of Departure Seats Luggage Contact Information Further Comments
Julf Yorkshire our southern England (around Brighton) both Any time before or during event Any time after or during event 0 Skin for folding kayak (package the size of a larger tent) mch2022 AT Just the kayak skin for our folding kayak (to commute across the water at the event), person travelling independently by bicycle. Happy to contribute to costs.
Heth Eindhoven both 21st July morning 27th July morning/noon 1 big tourist bagpack & little smaller one mail/jabber: IRC: Arriving at Eindhoven Airport at 08:20 and there are rail road works, so trains are severely delayed :/ Happy to contribute to costs. [one way is great also, ty]
mirren (Lena) Graz/Salzburg/Munich, Austria in general NL->AT NA 26/27/28 1 backpack and tiny suitcase vaccinated+boosted, happy to contribute, had my fight cancelled so the general direction of Austria/Slovenia would be immensely helpful.
User:Pwuts Delft, Den Haag-Rotterdam area both Mon 18 Wed 27 1 Pop-up tent, travel bag, backpack, extension cable Happy to contribute to fuel costs.
User:Procyon Ermelo, Nijkerk/Putten area from Wednesday 20th Tue 26 or Wed 27 1 plastic box, cables, plushies, big shopper with stuff, bag of clothes, handbag, maybe some other stuff. I don't have a lot of money but I'm happy to help fund fuel. Vaxxed + boosted, willing to wear a mask
User:Yonk Berlin to Friday 22th Wed 27th 0 a 3 Person tent, a sleeping mat, one Albert heijn bag of electronics mch2022-carpool [at] I just want to get my tent back to Berlin, as I will be in Amsterdam until Friday. Will gladly contribute gas money and/or mate
User:Yonk Amsterdam to Friday 22th Wed 27th 2 2 large backpacks, possibly a tent mch2022-carpool [at] 2 hackers looking for a ride to Amsterdam on Wednesday (before noon, preferably). We will gladly contribute gas money