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Ride Sharing/Hitchhiking

Do you have some free space in your car that you'd like to provide to other hackers traveling to the camp, or do you need transport to camp yourself? Leave an entry below!

This page is a visitor initiative. It is neither maintained nor supervised by the camp organization!

Offering a Ride

Who From/Home to Date of Arrival Date of Departure Free Seats Free Space for Goods Contact Information Further Comments Direction (from/to/both)
ploy Switzerland, Zürich 2022-07-22 2022-07-26 (or later) 2 No I have a car that fits 3 people plus luggage, but I have no license. I'm looking for two people willing to drive, from Zurich, or another place along the route. We split the gas money, estimated 250CHF for the entire trip. both
stevenwr Newark, England 2022-07-22 2022-07-26 3 Yes Driving. Nissan Navara. Reasonable amount of space. Ferry from Hull on night of 21st. Ferry back night of 26th. Open to splitting fuel and ferry cost. both
Til Potsdam, Germany 2022-07-22 2022-07-26 2 Yes Servus, Leaving early on 22. from Griebnitzsee (S7) and will take about 7 hours (breaks included). Big car, plenty of space to sit and for luggage. We share the cost of gas. See you on 22. :) both
xorAxAx & Anna Essen, Germany 2022-07-22 2022-07-26 2 Yes We will leave before noon on Friday; travel incurs 1 charging stop both

Looking for a Ride

Who From/Home to Direction (from/to/both) Date of Arrival Date of Departure Seats Luggage Contact Information Further Comments
alxndr Hamburg, Germany both 21st or 22nd 26th or 27th 1 tent, large backpack, crate (40x30x32cm), folding chair mch2022 AT Will split fuel costs. Food along the way is on me. Planning to be double-boostered by MCH.
Julf Yorkshire our southern England (around Brighton) both Any time before or during event Any time after or during event 0 Skin for folding kayak (package the size of a larger tent) mch2022 AT Just the kayak skin for our folding kayak (to commute across the water at the event), person travelling independently by bicycle. Happy to contribute to costs.

Selling a parking ticket

Nicob has an extra parking ticket to sell (€30 instead of €42)