Cluster:Health & Safety

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Cluster:Health & Safety
Name Health & Safety

Roles In Cluster


  • Coordinate radio communications for health & safety
  • Maintain a log of incidents and document our response
  • Escalate incidents to EMT


  • Handle escalated incidents
  • Escalate to external authorities
  • Decide on the course of action in case of calamities and incidents
  • Make sure no-one is on fire
  • Assist with specific activities during the event (last time: assist with the campfire)
  • Have sufficient people to fight fires should the need arise
  • Be part of the health and safety infra of the event
  • Offer good healthcare as can be expected from an event of this size
  • Solve basic issues on site
  • Identify health hazards and suggest ways to avoid large-scale illness or injuries
  • Be part of the health and safety infra of the event
  • Provide functional lighting so visitors can see where they’re going
  • Ensure that sufficient lighting along emergency routes keeps working in case of power outages, including in tents that need it according to rules and regulations
  • Estimate the number of visitor movements at different moments
  • Design the traffic flows for visitors (walking and driving), both on-site and in the neighboring public roads, for arrival, the event itself, and departure.
  • Design the traffic flows for suppliers
  • Design the emergency routes for visitor evacuation
  • Design the “calamiteitenroutes” for external emergency services
  • Document the rationales
  • Make the routes visible on the map
  • Guard the safety and security of everyone at the event
  • Instruct people on potential safety issues
  • De-escalate conflicts
  • Surveil the site actively
  • Be part of the health and safety infra of the event