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Clusters can be formed by multiple villages. Together the villages can share resources like power, network, tents, ... Talk to your neighbours/friends and see if you want to form a Cluster.
Read more: More on villages, buildup times, village rentals see: Villages/FAQ

List of clusters

Page Name Description Website
Belgium Belgian Villages
BlauweDruppel BlauweDruppel A cluster of villages that have some blue in their background
ChaosWest Chaos West
Climate Climate
Cluster:Geraffel Geraffel Meta Cluster
Cluster:Ham Radio Activity Ham radio activity overview
Cold North Cold North
DeFEEST deFEEST and friends
FamilyZone FamilyZone Area for families with kids, organized by Team:Family
HSNL HSNL - Dutch hackerspaces Dutch Hackerspaces
Hell's Cluster Hell's Cluster Cluster for all peopple from Bavaria, Franconia and maybe Austria
MREN MREN MCH2022 Research and Education Network
May Contain Furries May Contain Furries
Metageraffel MetaGeraffel
Milliways cluster milliways cluster
Picnic area Picnic Area Picnic Area to merge our villages
TestCluster TestCluser
Testcluster Testcluster
UK UK Villages from, or affiliated with, the UK
Upper Rhine Chaos Upper Rhine Chaos Upper Rhine Chaos and Gulash
Zero-D (Zerocopter and DIVD) Zero-D Zerocopter and DIVD