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Name MCH2022 Drone Day
StartDate 2021/07/17 10:45:00
EndDate 2021/07/17 14:00:00
Where Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde, Nulderpad 5, 3896LV, Zeewolde, The Netherlands

Pending weather. Please let Stitch know if you're joining. In case of rain it might be a day earlier or later.

This is an ad-hoc meeting to create video for the virtual kickoff and footage that will help planning the terrain more carefully later on. During this day the goal is to capture as many points of interest at possible and filming details of possible features or obstructions on the terrain. The route is as specified below and starts at 11:00 at the parking lot. If you want to join, please let Stitch know in case of last minute schedule changes.


Points of Interest

▢ 1 Parking Lot / Boneyard
▢ 2 South fields 1 to 7 (+ infra/wadis)
▢ 3 Road from Scholekster to Robbezand
▢ 4 Fietspad South with terrain access
▢ 5 Robbezand to De Knar
▢ 6 Avonturenhuis
▢ 7 Dike
▢ 8 Fields Aak to Zomp (roads + infra)
▢ 9 South Dike for possible crossroads
▢ 10 Fields Bol to Botter
▢ 11 Fields Adheringerdorp to Esperlo
▢ 12 Field Wilde eend
▢ 13 Fields 8 to 10, access roads parking/entrance
▢ 14 Dirt road North
▢ 15 Road to SHA2017 parking area
▢ 16 Backtrack to Parking Lot / Boneyard


  • Drone flyers must have their drones registered at RDW
  • Drone flyers must adhere to Dutch drone laws
  • People are camping, respect them, fly high
  • No flying over water because of Natura 2000
  • People in the video may not be recognizable
  • Respect privacy and safety

The Route

Length: ±6 kilometer, ±3 hour duration including filming