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Below is a short list of the facilities there will be at MCH2022.

Highlights of this will be written in the Booklet.
Team:Info will bug every team to write their stuff here.

Basic infra before and after the event

The terrain has permanent basic facilities: showers, toilets and power.

Using a scale-up approach more facilities will become available as more angels and orga are on the terrain.

Permanent facilities include:

  • Toilets, sinks and a shower at 1 location on the quiet field.
  • Basic power at 10+ locations - Only for devices not consuming too much power. Do switch when the power generators are on. Schuko is recommended, there are no 16A blue CEE sockets.
  • A lot of birds, trees, nature.

The map of the terrain can be seen at https://map.mch2022.org


If you arrive by car or motorcycle, you cannot drive it onto the terrain. There is a parking lot opposite of the terrain. Follow the signs.

  • You need a ticket for parking
  • The parking lot is closed for newly arriving cars from 00:00 to 6:00, please plan your trip so you arrive well before 00:00 or after 06:00.
  • There is no infra for charging electric vehicles on the terrain or in the parking lot.
  • You are not allowed to camp on or near the parking lot


If something goes wrong, when accidents happen...team safety is there for you


The emergency response station is located at the beginning of the Backbone Boulevard, next to the info desk. Here you can find team First Aid (EHBO), team Fire and team Security. For any questions whatsoever regarding First Aid, Fire, Security or general safety, feel free to visit us and have a chat.

We provide

  • First Aid station and the Security tent on the main orga area.
  • 24/7 support in case of first aid, fire on land and on the water
  • an awesome time as a volunteer with us (golf-cart, gator, bikes and free training !)

In case of Emergency

In case of an emergency please contact team Safety:

  • With GSM call +31 (0)85 234 1120, Store this number in your phone now
  • With DECT call 911
  • Or talk to anyone with a handheld radio.

State the nature of the emergency and tell us the exact location. If, and only if, all else fails: call 112 on your mobile phone.


Please check the instructions on Team:Fire#Cooking

Fire Safety

  • Charcoal BBQ's and open fires are not allowed
  • Please check all the fire safety rules on Team:Fire
  • For large tents check the safety rules for large tents on Team:Fire


  • No black water dumping in any open water (lakes, ponds and harbour)
  • When using a boat the skipper is always responsible (please be careful) or ask the harbour authority for assistance or advice.
  • Please drink enough water, remember Mate != Water


All official lectures will be recorded and streamed live, unless stated otherwise. After MCH2022, the complete archive of these recordings will be published online at here.

The official SHA content venues are:

  • Lecture tent 🧮 Abacus: Liskov field
  • Lecture tent 🔋 Battery: Olsen field
  • Lecture tent 🔮 Clairvoyance: Lamarr field
  • Workshop tent 🧬 DNA: Liskov field
  • Workshop tent ✉️ Envelope: Manning field
  • Workshop tent ⚙️ Gear: Hamilton field
  • Tardis room: Somewhere on the field.

There are also villages that host the official content:

  • t.d.b.

Additionally, several villages have composed content schedules of their own. If your village is presenting lectures and/or workshops, and you want to add these to the listed programme, please contact the Speakerdesk.


The information desk (or info desk) is the first and main place to contact if you have any kind of problem or question. It is located in the portacabin complex and is reachable online via info@mch2022.org or twitter @...tbd

Our friendly crew will try to help you, especially if you:

  • need information
  • think that the orga crew of the camp should be informed about an incident
  • need a train/plane/spaceship ticket printed ASAP and NOW!!!! (if you ask nicely)
  • need directions to a another venue off-field
  • have a question regarding the organization of the camp
  • feel lost and want to know where to get Club Mate to get back in touch with life
  • and if we're not busy helping people, we are also nice to have a chat with.

Angel / volunteer catering and support

The MCH2022 event can't happen without volunteers, so the Volunteers team is there to make sure all visitors who want to volunteer can do so and get all the TLC they need.

If you (maybe) want to volunteer register an account at https://angel.mch2022.org/ and once you arrive at the campsite walk over to the volunteer desk at the center of the camp to let us know you're here. There you will receive further instructions about how you can help. No strings attached, you decide how many shifts you want to do. If you do volunteer, however, expect a free and healthy meal, a lot of people who are happy to see you, and a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside!

We provide:

  • The angelsystem to register as angel and self assignment to shifts
  • A place called Heaven with a big tent, and maybe a campfire in the evening where all volunteers and crews can chill out
  • food and drinks for volunteers and crew, also during buildup and teardown
  • Distribution of food tokens for volunteers
  • Volunteer coordinators to answer questions from volunteers and to make sure all teams get the help they need

Food and drinks

To quench your thirst and hunger anytime, we have three bars and a food court to serve you.


  1. REDIRECT Team:Horeca

Food Court

  • Food Court - Solid stuff
Location: Hamilton Field
Opening hours differ by vendor

In the food court, you will find many vendors who will offer a wide array of choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

➡️ food court


To pay for your food and drinks you can use your payment card, phone or one or more anonymous MCH payment cards (cash to card). The MCH Payment cards can be bought at the info tent at the beginning of the site. Cash left over on your card can be refunded the same way you put cash on it.


As efficient as hackers get, there are always some bits left over. Fortunately team:Waste has your back! We organize the trash-bins, empty them on a regular basis and get everything away from the field.

We provide:

  • about 100 bins scattered throughout MCH2022 to get rid of your 'regular household' trash.
  • Arranging the emptying of said bins
  • about 20 buckets with sand for dunking your cigarettes
  • an awesome time as a volunteer with us (golf-cart!)

We do not provide:

  • Large or hazardous waste removal
  • Waste removal service on Chriet Titulaer island

We ask of you:

  • Drop trash in bins. Not around the field.
  • Please do not dispose of sharp objects in the trash, think of our safety! (package it well if you absolutely need to!)
  • Report (using the QR code on the front of the bin) the status of a bin. It's fun, helps us and creates cool stats!
  • Take home what you bring to the field. Do not leave your tent, sofa's, projects etc.


team:Power will deploy distribution boxes with 230V SCHUKO sockets over most of the field. You may use them to power your stuff. Bring an extension cord and a power strip to share power with your neighbors.

Power is generated by generators on the field and therefore in limited supply. Please help the environment by conserving power where possible and do not run HVACs or similar power guzzling devices.

If you need charging, you need to find a charging station elsewhere.

For your and other participants safety:

  • Only use outdoor extension cords (IP44 "splash proof")
  • Use cables/SCHUKO plugs with protective earth only
  • Wires should be at least 1.5 mm² or thicker; 2.5mm² highly recommended. These cables are usually marked with "3G1.5" and "3G2.5". Industrial cables (marked H05RN-F or H07RN-F (neoprene), or H05BQ-F or H07BQ-F (polyurethane)) are the best cables for outdoor use.
  • Indoor plugs/sockets and power strips need to be kept dry and protected from water. Keep them inside your tent and above ground level (hang them).
  • Don't leave powered equipment unattended, if you are the last to leave your tent/village, disconnect everything, except for the cable to your neighbors.
  • Make sure power supplies are of decent quality and have enough room and ventilation to dissipate heat. Campfires are forbidden at MCH, especially in your tent.

If you have equipment that cannot handle power outages well, bring a small UPS. Power outages can occur at random and even multiple times in a row if we have trouble finding the device(s) that causes them.

There are some RED 400V/32A 5pol. sockets too. If you want to use those, for example to power villages, bigger projects or generally power-hungry equipment like pizza ovens, saunas or tesla generators, consult team power at power@mch2022.org well in advance. We will do our best to accommodate the request, but there are some limitations.

We can't facilitate the BLUE 16A CEE plugs. Do not expect any 400V/16A 3-Phase (RED) CEEs either.

Yes-no-Power-Socket.png Stekkers.png

Computers in a camping environment

One issue concerning hardware in tent environments is morning dew.

Dew affects not only desktop hardware, but any kind of electric contact or conductor exposed to humid air. Since desktop hardware is generally not very tightly enclosed, it is relatively sensitive to dew. Especially when it is not running for a while and therefore cold, it attracts dew like any other unheated object. To prevent your hardware from damage, you might want to leave it on, or bring some plastic bags to put your power plugs, desktop switches, or even computers inside and seal them up carefully.

A few tips for placing your equipment:

  • don't place it in a poorly ventilated tent during a sunny day (too much heat; danger of fire)
  • don't place your PC on the ground, even a beer crate keeps ground water out
  • stand your PC upright, so the warm air raises through the box to the top and out of the back of the power supply
  • Your most problematic equipment will be power connectors. Make sure you ALWAYS place them above ground and out of the rain.

If you are using your equipment when it gets wet, it may survive if you unplug it immediately. Most of the time electronics can get wet without a problem if there is no current flowing through it. It will probably work fine if you let it dry out entirely before powering it up again. (The same isn't necessarily true for mechanics, such as motors in a DVD-ROM.) You should also take out the battery. (On desktop PCs, also take out the CMOS battery if possible.)

Anyway, your biggest problem will be the really sunny days when it doesn't rain. 40+ Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) means that you have to make sure that your equipment gets good ventilation and check if your air filters and fans get clogged with dust. Bring spares... Besides, when it's that hot, you might want to shut down your computer and find a friendly neighboring village with a pool.

As long as you adhere to these basic rules, you will be just fine.

After all said; YES, BRING YOUR EQUIPMENT. Believe me, going to a hacker camp without computer(s) is like drinking alcohol-free beer: It tastes the same but you miss out most of the fun :-)

Some Tips for Travellers, especially from the US

Voltage is 230V 50 Hz, please check, that your device are suitable for that voltage. Most modern Laptop and phone chargers have a wide range power input, typically from 100-240 Volts. If you want to use a 120 volt only device, you need a voltage converter. If you plug it in directly, it will be destroyed in seconds.


Do not bring 120 volt surge protectors power strips (see picture above), they will trip a series of RCD switches and a lot of people will have a power outage. If we find them, we will cut off the plugs.

Dirty bad travel adapter.jpg

Use grounded travel adaptors only! Use them only in dry areas. Avoid the fancy multi-country adapters, they are not grounded and bad in quality. If you have only one device, it may be better to buy a european power cord.

Recommended grounded travel adaptors for US, UK, Switzerland and Italy:

Grounded travel adaptors.jpg


See Network for all information. Both wired and wireless network will be available.


There will be a phone network available on-site. See Phone for more information.

Facilities on the Map

tbd... flesh out.

Facilities outside MCH2022


Besides the supermarket on site, there are various supermarkets in the neighborhood. Most but not all supermarkets are open on Sunday! Supermarkets are shown based on distance from the event.

This has been verified for 2022, the situation has improved from 2017 :)

Name Location Distance Monday - Saturday Sunday
Albert Heijn Zeewolde Kerkstraat 26, Zeewolde 7.0 km 07:00-22:00 13:00-20:00
Lidl Zeewolde Gouwzee 27, Zeewolde 7.2 km 07:00-21:00 13:00-18:00
Vomar Zeewolde Flevoplein 6, Zeewolde 7.2 km 07:30-21:00 13:00-20:00
Boni Zeewolde Gouwzee 65, Zeewolde 7.2 km 08:00-20:00 closed :(
Coop Zeewolde Verduijn Aquamarijn 21, Zeewolde 8.0 km 08:00-21:00 13:00-19:00
Lidl Nijkerk Amperestraat 5, Nijkerk 11 km 07:30-21:00 10:00-18:00
Jumbo Nijkerk Molenplein 15, Nijkerk 11 km 08:00-21:00 10:00-19:00
Boni Nijkerk Wheemplein 31, Nijkerk 11 km 08:00-21:00 10:00-18:00
Albert Heijn Nijkerk Frieswijkstraat 72, Nijkerk 11 km 07:00-22:00 08:00-22:00
Aldi Nijkerk Hoefslag 53, Nijkerk 12 km 08:00-20:00 10:00-17:00


MCH supports wireless card payments for mostly anything. You can also convert physical money into a temporary payment card (or multiple) instead of coins.

If you still need physicial money, both Zeewolde and Nijkerk have ATM's in the town centers and some of the supermarkets provide one as well. These support Maestro and most other types of cards like EC, Visa, American Express and Mastercard

Outdoor/camping shop

Forgot something for your camping needs? Van Duinkerken seems to be the closest shop to MCH2022 to fulfill your needs.

Non-Food stores

There are various non-food stores in the neighbourhood. Stores are shown based on distance from the event.

Name Location Distance Mon-Thu Friday Saturday Sunday Description
Action Zeewolde Weergang 11 3891 GR, Zeewolde 7.2 km 08:30-20:00 08:30-21:00 08:30-20:00 13:00-18:00 Cheap household items, basic clothes, basic hardware, etc
Praxis Zeewolde Mast 39, 3891 KE Zeewolde 7.4 km 09:00-20:00 09:00-18:00 closed :( Regular hardware store
Gamma Zeewolde Bolwerk 7, 3895 BX Zeewolde 8.3 km 09:00-21:00 09:00-18:00 13:00-17:00 Regular hardware store
Welkoop Zeewolde Baardmeesweg 30, 3899 XS Zeewolde 9.4 km 09:00-18:00 09:00-21:00 09:00-18:00 closed Garden supplies, rubber boots, clothes
Hornbach Nieuwegein Veldwade 3, 3439 LE Nieuwegein 47 km 07:00-21:00 08:00-18:00 12:00-17:00 Better hardware store

Be careful: what you buy you need to take home! We only have the waste infrastructure for regular 'household' trash!!