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Name FamilyZone
Description Area for families with kids, organized by Team:Family
preferred Location 52° 16' 55.99" N, 5° 31' 33.42" E
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This page is part of the Team:Family of MCH2022. Feel free to look around.

MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and make the FamilyZone awesome, please join the team or organize a project. If you want to help at the event, please participate as an angel.

Family Zone

At MCH2022 you’ll be camping, visiting the other villages, meeting people, enjoying the food from the food trucks, the drinks from the bar and perhaps a refreshing swim in the harbour or the beach. Additionally, a full conference programme is offered with various topics like information security, surveillance and/or anti-surveillance, free software, art and much more. These talks and workshops are presented in large tents all around the area.

All of this sounds very nice, and would be very interesting to you, but what about your family? Instead of dumping them in the pancake village and having to roll them back home at the end of the event, let us introduce you to the Family Zone: A field that is dedicated to families with kids, containing a sand pit, ball pit, bouncy castles, kid workshops and even childcare!

On this field, you can camp with your family. It will be the quietest field in the entire campground (until 07:00, when it might become the loudest field…). Your kids can play with all the other kids and the entire atmosphere is very friendly and helpful.

MCH2022 is a community driven event, and so is Family Zone. Got a great idea that will make Family Zone the best place for you and your young ones? Let’s make it happen! For example: at the last event (SHA2017), one parent brought up the idea of “Inflatable Fun Land” which turned out to be an enormous success and these inflatable animals are currently still being played with by kids all over Europe.

Child Safety

Child safety is extremely important. Here are some tips specific to MCH2022.

Kids during build up

  • During build up (until July 20th) and tear down (from the 28th), kids <12 are not allowed north of Snowden field or at the main harbour.
  • Kids age 12 and over can help out, but need to wear a hi-vis at ALL TIMES when they are outside their own tent. So even during non-working hours.
  • During build up and tear down kids have to be under close adult supervision.
  • If your kid doesn't want to help, you can go to the designated safe area (by team:terrain), where there is no heavy machinery.
  • If you fail to comply with these rules, you will be asked to leave the terrain and come back on or after day -1.
  • Kids (all ages) are welcome from day -1 (21 July 12:00) until 27 July 12:00.

During MCH2022

  • Get a child-bracelet at the infotent or the family village to write your phone number. If you don't want to attach a bracelet to your kid, a permanent marker also works.
  • Take a recent picture of your kid(s) and have it standby. Obviously, we all have a million pictures of our children, but if your kid is missing, having this picture standby saves valuable time.
  • First aid can be contacted through the safety central post via DECT: 2222 or +31 622005297, they will come to you for small and big situations (they have a full medical team on-site). Basic first aid kits are also available at the FamilyZone tents if you are looking for a band-aid with a nice picture.
  • Small children should not be left unattended. If they are found without a parent/guardian, the missing parent/guardian scenario is initiated to find you. Also, FamilyZone is not a day care.
  • Keep a very close watch around the water. Especially the canal (Nuldernauw) is very cold, has strong currents and heavy traffic. So use the pond at Flowers field, but always keep a very close watch on your children. You can borrow floaties at the FamilyZone and the harbour. Note: a flotation device is NOT a substitute for actually watching your children.

The Harbour

The harbour is a great place to be, but has additional rules. Regarding children the most important rules are:

  • Children up to 12 years are not allowed to play or be alone in the harbour and the surrounding area (up to half of the Hopperfield).
  • Watch your children since water is dangerous, and can even be dangerous for kids who can swim.

In addition to the child safety measures

The FamilyZone field is not a day care. Do not leave your child unattended.

On the other hand, there's always that talk we _really_ want to go to without our toddler. For this use-case, Team:Family have arranged organized daycare. More information, such as how to sign your kids up, will be made available!

There will be water (and maybe lemonade), but food is not provided so please bring your own food for your children. There is a refrigerator where you can keep your baby food. Please note: this refrigerator is ONLY for baby food etc. For your own food, you can obviously bring your own or use the food trucks (they're going to be awesome!).

We hope to have great weather! But remember that your child needs special care when it's warm and sunny, since they will be outside most of the day. So make sure you use a water-resistant sunscreen with a high spf, reapply it often, and provide fresh fruits and food for your child. We'll make sure there is plenty to drink.

Since children and their caretakers need their rest, the Turing field must be quiet after 21.00.


MCH2022 is a community driven event, and so is Family Zone. Got a great idea that will make Family Zone the best place for you and your young ones? Let’s make it happen! For example: at the last event (SHA2017), one parent brought up the idea of “Inflatable Fun Land” which turned out to be an enormous success and these inflatable animals are currently still being played with by kids all over Europe.

Before the event, you can already meet us using IRC (or using Matrix), email, Twitter and our bi-weekly meetings found at the wiki. We would love to hear your ideas, and together we’ll make it the best family vacation!

Help spread the word that kids are hackers!

On Saturday, 23rd of July, a TV crew from VPRO / ZAPP will be visiting the event. They are recording a next installment of the De Dikke Data Show where they want to show that hackers are so much more than what media usually show. They will also visit the village sometimes in the afternoon. Their visit is of course coordinated and supervised by Team:Press

User:Gori and his kids have volunteered to be interviewed during the visit, but would very much like to have other kids/parents to be involved as well. It would mean kids chatting with them, telling them about the things the see and enjoy about the camp, maybe going together to a workshop or showing off the cool project they brought with them. Not speaking Dutch is not a limitation to join.

VPRO/ZAPP are a very well known, and dare say, respected, public broadcaster. They create some of the most watched youth television in the NL, such as the Jeugdjournaal and Het Klokhuis. By joining the program you will be helping spread the notion that hackers are not scary cyber-criminals, and that kids naturally belong to hackerspaces/camps. During the preparation they have show high degree of sensitivity for the wishes and culture of the community, are fully aware that they are dealing with children, and that they are guests at our event.

Please contact User:Gori or Team:Press if you want join!


Yes, your kid is already an angel :-) But now he/she can also earn the shirt! We're doing inventory of what Angel shifts are suitable for kids. We'll update this area with more details as we get updates from the teams. If you're with a team and think we're missing info about potential kid-shifts, please let us know by reaching out to Sim or Pikachu on IRC.


Next meeting

We invite you to join our weekly meet and share your thoughts, or just to say "hi" if you like. The next (and last!) Team:Family meeting is (online) at 2022-07-19 20:00.


ProjectPerson ResponsibleStatusTypeBudget RequiredBudget GrantedCommentsLocation
Team:Family/Bouncy CastleFhpreadytoys530530
Team:Family/Child CareFhpreadyother3,8353,835
Team:Family/Kids DJ Partywork startedactivity00
Team:Family/Large Lego BlocksFhpreadyactivity170170
Team:Family/Microbit workshopDeponaldideaworkshop00
Team:Family/Pluch-toy poolFhpconfirmedtoys2020Bring more pluche-toys!
Team:Family/RaketlesTuathawork startedworkshop00
Team:Family/Running a Minecraft server for your kidsHaakjesideatalk00
Team:Family/ScavengerHuntSimwork startedactivity00

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