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Like at previous events, we plan to have an experimental kitchen, two workshop venues, a presentation area, a computer corner and a FHB group hang-out place.

  • Experimental Kitchen - Dedicated to experimenting and feeding the FHB crowd, plus providing interesting samples for the presentation area. It should be not bookable during times of preparations of nutrition for the group, otherwise open to the random activities booking possible but not expected on regular basis. Ingredients are free to be used, donations at your will are very welcome! If used, it needs to be cleaned properly afterwards no matter in which shape you found it before - thank you :-)
  • Workshop Venue I. - Smaller workshop venue located next to the experimental kitchen functioning as it's natural continuation suitable for 10-15 people hands on workshops and activities. Coordination with kitchen, especially for more demanding events, is highly recommended. Again, we ask you to come around 30 min in advance if you are a workshop coordinator and 15 minutes if you are a participant, thank you. Donations at your will, some profit going towards the FHB project would be lovely. We ask to coordinate the booking in advance with fhb to make things smoother. Once you're finished, preferably on time, please hand back the workshop venue in a clean and well organized state.
  • Workshop Venue II. - This is the larger workshop venue which should be homey for up to 25 people per event. It's main aims are hosting tasting events and possibly demonstration workshops which do not need special access to the kitchen. Please coordinate the booking with fhb, checking the list of events first, one event at given time per venue is preferred but exceptions can be made. Donations at your will with some profit going to FHB are welcome. If you are a workshop organizer please come at least around 30 min before your event starting time so things are done on time. Participants should arrive around ten to fifteen minutes before the workshop starts, at least partial booking in advance is recommended. Keeping some spots for walk-ins is desired. The workshop venue 2 needs to be cleaned properly after the event and handed back on time, if possible 30 min before the next workshop starts.
  • FHB group relaxation corner - We need dedicated spot which is a bit out of the way for our own relaxation. This should really be a "let me cool down and don't ask me stuff please" place, however people involved more with the project should be expecting some disturbances by other people coordinating.
  • FHB Presentation Desk - When we feel like presenting ourselves to the wider community we should make it here. Promoting FHB project, making people aware of our events and general activities and yes also collecting some donations towards our event budget and future projects. Preparing in advance both what we would like to present and who is going to be presenting it, plus coordination with the experimental kitchen is very important if it shall run smooth.
  • FHB computer corner - Linux based terminal connected 24/7 to Internet by reliable cable and FHB printer are the two most important requirements.