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This page is ever under construction.

Feel free to edit/update this page if you see anything outdated!


MCH2022 is a huge event that attracts people from all kinds of backgrounds. This makes it unfortunately inevitable that there will be people among us, with less noble intentions. We advise to take extra care in securing your own equipment and paying attention to your surroundings.

Please read the code of conduct.


Just think of the netiquette in real life; don't be rude, stupid, selfish and whatnot.

If you have any problems, talk to a volunteer (they will have a noticeable badge, or a t-shirt indicating their status), or talk to us on IRC/Matrix.

Protecting your person

6-2-1 Rule

Every day please have at minimum:
💤 6 hours of sleep 🍴 2 proper meals 🚿 1 shower

Drink More Water

Camps can get hot. Hydrate often, please. If you get a headache, you can probably assume you're slightly dehydrated. Eat something salty, drink some water.

Wear More Sunscreen

Most of us hackers aren't used to the evil daystar being so present. Wear sunscreen (SPF30), maybe a long-sleeve t-shirt, a hat. Move from shade to shade.


Common sense goes a long way in keeping yourself clean and healthy. Wash your hands after using the toilet & before you eat, drink enough water (when you think it’s enough, have some more), store your food in a fridge, prepare it correctly and cook it properly. If you don’t trust it, don’t eat it. 

We put great pride in our sanitary facilities, but to offer clean toilets and showers we need your help.

  • Rule 1: don’t make a mess, leave it as you would like to find it.
  • Rule 2: if it’s dirty and awful, call Team Volunteers (7777 on the DECT system) to report it.
  • Rule 3: don’t do laundry or wash fruit or dishes in the toilets and showers. 

If you do take ill

If you fall sick during the camp, please visit one of our doctors in the First Aid tent or talk to our First Aid crew on the fields (or dial 2222). If you don't feel well, we want to know. We will help you get better and prevent contamination. Our team is constantly checking all the food-outlets, Villages etc and you can always ask us for advice.  

Do you have a medical problem or using medication, please come to the first aid tent and let our doctors know. Medical confidentiality is in the law in the Netherlands, so don’t worry about giving your secret key to them. They would not know what to with it anyway, but they can help your body survive MCH2022. We have a fridge, with limited space and no warranty. If you have medical equipment that needs power to function, bring a UPS, as we cannot guarantee permanent power. 


Information about preventing COVID-19 and the measures in place during camp, will be added when available.


  • Wear a mask when inside a tent or in close proximity to others
  • Be considerate to those wearing a mask.
  • Do the Rapid Antigen Test before heading to MCH2022, and do one on the parking lot (upon arrival). If you're positive for Covid19, do not enter the field. Head home.
  • During camp do several more RATs
  • If you've caught Covid on camp, inform first aid (please wear a mask and DONT go inside a tent), keep distance, self-isolate and if you can: pack up and go home.

Take care of yourself

The best way to ruin your camp is a failure to take care of yourself. Not sleeping enough, not drinking enough water... Keeping an eye on your body is like checking for network activity and processes on your own equipment. It’s routine maintenance and it will make sure you can make the most out of MCH2022. 

It's all very well talking about securing our devices, but personal safety should always come first. If you feel uncomfortable with how someone is behaving towards you (threatening behaviour, etc), tell someone! Volunteers/angels should be clearly marked, and they are friendly, and can ask someone to leave you alone, or if necessary, leave the terrain.

Have fun!

The basic rule of thumb should be, be somewhat vigilant, but fortunately most people at MCH2022 are there to enjoy themselves not cause any harm. So have fun and make friends! We hope everyone can get along.

Keep my computer/phone/smartwatch/coffeemaker safe

Don't forget to run your Windows Updates. And make a backup you leave at home. Yeah that includes your 2FA keys too! Also maybe do something with passwords, but if you haven't already, you're probably doomed anyway.

To prevent physical theft: keep your valuables on you/close by.

Extra stuff during Buildup / Teardown

The basics

  • Everyone on site is required to wear a high viz vest. Bring one of your own. We do have vests to hand out.
  • Drive slowly on the field. Max 15 km/hour, max 5km/hour (walking speed) when around people.
  • Take breaks, don't work > 10 hours a day, sleep at night and don't drink alcohol.
  • Perform a covid-19 test every day.
  • Wear masks inside public tents
  • If you do not feel well, stop working and talk to first-aid / volunteers / cohesion so they can help you out

Preparation before the camp

  • Gather the list of things to bring below and bring them to the camp
  • Make sure to exercise a bit in advance, you'll walk/cycle a lot! (walk, cycle, run, sport and other evil things)

Preparation for teams

  • As a general rule: if you can transport things on wheels, you should do so. Don't carry stuff by yourself. Use trolleys, rolcontainers, CC containers, bolderwagens, trolleys, cars, golfcart and anything else with wheels to carry loads.
  • Ask Team:On-site_transportation to transport (large) stuff for you (that's their reason to exist). Inform them if you have specific (time-based) needs.

Extra stuff to bring

The sun will shine bright during the day. There might be some rain or thunderstorms.

If you have more of these items, bring some for others too!

  • Covid tests and ffp2 face masks
  • Sun protection: sunscreen, after sun, cap/hat,
  • Rain protection: raincoat, boots,
  • Health: Medication, more than you need for those days. Esp from abroad: count on +5 days extra in case of emergencies. Insect repellent.
  • Physical safety: S-class work shoes (S3 preferably) (info)
  • Communication: DECT radio and portophone radio + chargers
  • A transport mediums: trolley, bike, scooter, etc
  • Wildcard: a towel
  • Sleep: earplugs, eye patch, space blankets for those extra hours of sleep


  • Drink more water(!)
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Take breaks during the day
  • Limit times of building up / tearing down
  • Eat enough (good) food
  • Check yourself for ticks & Do ask others to check the difficult spots for you.
  • Know where your towel is
  • Plan during the event: make sure you have enough "off" time, for example two days of enjoying the event by itself.