MCH Letters

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Project Name MCH Letters
Contact User:Moem
Status in progress
Budget 500
Fabric Length (meter)

Large signage of "MCH2021" illuminated by spot lights or addressable LED strings.


  • TODO: Other teams needed?
  • TODO: Permits required?
  • TODO: Power in watts?
  • TODO: Network? Private network required?


  • 2022-02-23: Ok to start purchasing raw materials
  • 2022-06-25: Materials bought, design settled, making has started
A sneak preview of the design of the letters. This is not the final result.

Howto: Prepare

  • The letters are lasercut from 9mm OSB. One full sheet becomes one letter (122 x 244 cm).
  • They are painted with acrylic paint.
  • Holes are present (lasered at the same time as the letters themselves) to install the LEDs through-hole.
  • The LED part of the process is up to SA007.

Howto: Buildup

  • The letters are stored in Wijchen,
  • To install them, five volunteers would be good to have.
  • It will take an hour or three.
  • The letters need to be reinforced with some wooden slats (panlatten). There are two possible methods of installing them:
    • Put up poles, screw letters to poles. Tie down with washing line and tent pegs.
    • Put down pallets, attach letters to pallets, tie down with washing line and tent pegs.

Howto: Teardown

  • The letters will be thrown out (the LEDs will be dismantled for reuse).
  • Two or three volunteers would be nice.
  • It should be doable in an hour.