MCH Orgameet June 2022

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MCH Orgameet June 2022
Name MCH2021 Orgameet 18 June 2022
StartDate 2022/06/18 13:37:00
EndDate 2022/06/18 23:59:00
Where Revelation Space, Overgoo 1, 2266 JZ, Leidschendam, The Netherlands



The last orga meeting before MCH2022. Hosted at RevSpace! Online attendance is at:

There will be a bbq, signup below!


Please before you come do a Rapid Antigen Test (in Dutch we call it a 'zelftest'. Corona is quietly spiking again and we need everyone in good health before the event. Oh and do one afterwards as well :)


While you officially don't have to, it's still a very good idea to wear a mask indoors at the meeting. Protect yourself from others and protect others from yourself.


The predictions are that it's going to be warm and sunny. So dress for that, and wear sunscreen since we'll be having most of the meeting outside.


  • 13:37 doors open
  • 14:00 updates
  • 15:00 party and so on
  • 18:00 beginning food prep
  • 19:00 food
  • Humpa
  • Disco
  • Party
  • Rave

BBQ planning

We'll be using the tried and tested 'everybody does something at the bbq' system Revspace has. When you arrive you can pick a task to do on the whiteboard. Yes that includes doing the dishes!


Name Team Diet / Comment
Imagenotfound.png Stitch Nickname: Stitch

Team:Projectleiding NOT EATING - will join virtually from Albania
Imagenotfound.png Rizoom Nickname: Rizoom

Team:Projectleiding Vegetarian / Dinner
Imagenotfound.png Wheeze_NL Nickname: Wheeze_NL

Team:ROC Meat / Dinner Disco Disco Party Party
Imagenotfound.png Peetz0r Nickname: Peetz0r

Team:Warehouse Vegetarian / Dinner
Imagenotfound.png Polyfloyd Nickname: Polyfloyd

Team:Deco Not joining for dinner
Imagenotfound.png Manduca Nickname: Manduca

Team:On-site_transportation Meat / Dinner
Gameoflife.png Mini-Manduca Could not find information about Mini-Manduca .

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Team:On-site_transportation Vegan / Dinner, will eat only bread and vegies
Imagenotfound.png Knorrie Nickname: Knorrie

Team:On-site_transportation Meat / Dinner
Imagenotfound.png Sebastius Nickname: Sebastius

Team:Volunteers Everything is awesome / Dinner
Imagenotfound.png Xesxen Nickname: Xesxen

Team:Sysadmin Yes
Imagenotfound.png Netsmurf Nickname: Netsmurf

Team:Projectleiding Meat
Imagenotfound.png Maurits Nickname: Maurits

Team:Security Meat / Teamlead Safety
Imagenotfound.png Benadski Nickname: Benadski

Team:Power Energy bars / vegetarian
Imagenotfound.png Winko Nickname: Winko

Team:Villages Anything but fish
Imagenotfound.png Matje Nickname: Matje

Team:On-site_transportation Meat / Dinner
Imagenotfound.png Noor Nickname: Noor

Team:Info Meat
Imagenotfound.png Chrisha Nickname: Chrisha

Team:Music Meat
Imagenotfound.png F0x Nickname: F0x

Team:Warehouse Vegetarian
Imagenotfound.png Eightdot Nickname: Eightdot

Team:NOC No fish
Imagenotfound.png Renze Nickname: Renze

Team:Badge Meat / Omnomnom
Imagenotfound.png AK47 Nickname: AK47

Team:NOC Meat
Imagenotfound.png Twi Nickname: Twi

Team:POC Meat
Imagenotfound.png Hoxolotl Nickname: Hoxolotl

Team:Deco meat / shrimps?
Imagenotfound.png Skorpy Nickname: Skorpy

Team:Volunteers Everything but gluten is awesome / Dinner
Imagenotfound.png Roosted Nickname: Roosted

Team:Power Meat 🥘 🍲 🥣 🥗
Imagenotfound.png Klaus Nickname: Klaus

Team:On-site_transportation Carnivore
Imagenotfound.png PsychiC Nickname: PsychiC

Team:Productiehuis Meat
Imagenotfound.png Boekenwuurm Nickname: Boekenwuurm

Team:Projectleiding Not joining for dinner
Imagenotfound.png Redlizard Nickname: Redlizard

Team:Terrain Meat
Imagenotfound.png Raboof Nickname: Raboof

Team:Info Vegetarian
Imagenotfound.png Moem Nickname: Moem

Team:Deco No meat
Imagenotfound.png LTE Max Nickname: LTE Max

Team:NOC Meat/No fish
Imagenotfound.png Flimpie Nickname: Flimpie

Team:ROC Meat
Gameoflife.png Kato Could not find information about Kato .

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Team:Horeca Geen vlees - wel Vis
Gameoflife.png Michael Dekker Could not find information about Michael Dekker .

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Team:Fire Meat
Imagenotfound.png Mack Nickname: Mack

Team:Productiehuis Meat
Imagenotfound.png Bix Nickname: Bix

Team:Productiehuis Meat
Gameoflife.png Machteld Could not find information about Machteld .

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Team:Safe Harbour Meat/No Fish
Imagenotfound.png Firewall Nickname: Firewall

Team:Fire Anything is fine (don't abuse this statement)
Imagenotfound.png Pwuts Nickname: Pwuts

Team:Badge No eat (leave after ~17:30)
Imagenotfound.png Halcyon Nickname: Halcyon

Team:Projectleiding Will not join for dinner
Imagenotfound.png Quux Nickname: Quux

Team:Press Will not join BBQ
Total 42 max: 50

Attendee distribution

Below information auto-updates depending on the attendees that are signed up in the above list.