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The mumble server can be found at Default port (64738), no password required.


Download a client from the Mumble website and/or see the Installing Mumble guidelines. Also, this is not a next-next-finish-alldone type of software, you need to configure it properly before joining a meeting. Make sure to follow the setup and audio-tuning wizard and tweak as appropriate.

Optionally, you can install a client certificate.


The mumble server can be used for meetings by any team or project.

Bi-weekly orga meeting

There is a bi-weekly open orga meeting. For the dates see Meetings.

If you want to join that meeting please check if your sound settings are ok - do not configure it in the channel please.

Also if you are "just listening" please mute yourself.

How to behave

If you want to participate in a meeting please consider the following:

  • Properly configure your client in advance
  • Use a headset, or at least earphones or non-open headphones instead.
  • Make sure you have push-to-talk configured. Protip:
    1. Push the button
    2. ... (Wait a second)
    3. Start talking
    4. Stop talking
    5. ... (Wait a second)
    6. Release the button
    7. Profit!
  • Make sure your surroundings are noise- and distraction-free environments
  • If you know you're not going to participate and just listen in: mute yourself

Headphones will reduce feedback loops/echoes massively. Proper Push-To-Talk discipline reduces random/background noises in the channel, which is important if you have a room with many people in it. Thank you for maintaining a healthy signal-to-noise ratio!