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Shipping things to MCH2022

It is possible to ship parcels to MCH2022. However, it's a lot of work for us and many things can go wrong. Therefore, we'd prefer it if you can find alternatives to shipping things to the site. This way we can avoid a lot of disappointment and effort.


  • Please try hard to find someone with a car who is going to the site. If you don't know anyone, ask on the IRC channel (#mch2022 on OFTC).
  • Check whether your local hackerspace is organizing bulk transport to the site (many are) and whether you can ship/bring things to said space ahead of the event as well and have it join said transport.

What can go wrong

  • We have no way of tracking packages beyond this (publicly editable) wiki page. Packages can get lost, misdelivered, or damaged and we are not able to do anything about it.
  • The event is at a site that does not usually receive large volumes of mail and is not familiar to courier services. This means delivery services may attempt to deliver to the wrong place, and packages would be very difficult to trace.
  • We are not set up for significant logistics and package handling on site. We are all volunteers that have a lot of other tasks to do and package handling is something we do when we can and if we can, but our priority is making a cool hacker camp happen, not running a post office.

If you have no other options, we do offer a best-effort service, but there are no guarantees. Specifically:


  • MCH2022 and Stichting IFCAT Foundation accept no liability for your package.
  • Although we will sign for receipt, we are not able to take responsibility of your package. If it happens to be damaged, stolen in transit, has the wrong contents, or it gets delivered to the wrong place, there is nothing we'll be able to do to help you.
  • If for any reason your package seems dangerous in any way, we might reject or dispose of it before informing you — and still disclaim any liability.

If your package gets lost, there is nothing we can do about it. Please only use this option as a last resort.


To ship a package to MCH2022, follow the following steps

1. Make sure it's a package, not a letter/envelope. We have limited infrastructure for handling packages but no infrastructure at all for handling envelopes. Sorry!

2. If your package is above 23 kg it **must** be on a pallet. Make sure it is either below that limit, or packaged on a pallet. If a package is on a pallet, make sure it's weatherproof as it may get rained on during transport and storage.

3. Make sure the package does not consist of food or perishable items (see below)

4. Check that the package is able to arrive between **Monday, July 18th** and **Tuesday, July 26th**. We are not able to receive packages at all outside this time window. If a package arrives outside that time window, it will most likely not reach us, and therefore also not reach you.

5. Make sure the package is addressed correctly. Please use the following address format if possible, or at least include all the following information:

  MCH2022 Team Logistics p/a Scoutinglandgoed
  Nulderpad 5
  3896 LV Zeewolde
  The Netherlands

Note that "LV" is part of the postal code "3896 LV".

If the shipping company requires a phone number, put **your own** phone number on the shipping label. That way you can react if the shipping company gets confused about where to deliver. Please do not use our phone numbers, as we can't guarantee reachability at the time the package is due to be delivered.

6. Add your package to the list at the end of this page. The list is sorted by projected arrival day. Please keep it this way. We will update this page once we receive the package.

7. Pick it up at the logistics warehouse. The warehouse is the building next to the info-tent (just south of the tent). Official map.

Perishable or food items

Perishable or food items include BBQ meat, pizza, drinks, and perishable foods. We cannot handle deliveries of such items on site at all.

We have contractual obligations to our food vendors on site that prevent us from delivering food or accepting food deliveries. We also don't have the capacity for cold storage, rapid delivery, or food-safe logistics. Please understand that we can't offer this kind of service and don't ask us about it. Sorry!

If you want to have food delivered to you on site, you're on your own. You will have to wait for it at the gate until it arrives and intercept them yourself. Delivery trucks are not allowed on the terrain. Be aware that many food suppliers have quite strict policies on deliveries, and will not deliver to a site like ours anyway. If you need large quantities of food, a better choice might be to do a shopping run yourself in a nearby supermarket. A list of supermarkets and their opening hours are on the Supermarkets wiki page.

Delivery policy

No envelopes!

Note: we can't receive envelopes, so make sure small stuff is in a box even if it would fit in an envelope.

Not on the wiki

If your package is delivered but it's not on the wiki, please bring a reconciliation gift when picking it up. Traditionally this is apple pie but we're open for surprises :)

Small parcels

Small parcels (boxes) will be routed to our storage; once it has arrived, infodesk can tell you where to pick it up. The limit for small boxes is 23 kg. We will try to update this page when the shipment arrives.

Big parcels

Any parcel above 23 kg counts as big.

Big parcels **MUST BE ON A PALLET**. They will be delivered to the village directly if the village has a known location (a tent) that is reachable by one of the roads. If not, we'll leave it at a place we can access by road -- possibly in a restricted area from which you cannot pick it up without our help. Packages might get rained on in transit or in storage, so please make sure they are weatherproof.

Please do not have anything shipped to the site (by any means) that you are not able to transport back away from the site.

Expected/delivered packages - ADD TO THIS LIST!!

Please sort by date.

Expected arrival date Recipient name Village How big and heavy is it?
metric please!
Description of contents Received? (to be edited by Team:Warehouse)
Before Monday Jul 18 Absolutely do not have anything delivered before Monday 18th of July.
We don't have the people or equipment to deal with it.
2022-07-18 Example Example small example package (0.5kg) example contents
2022-07-18 Tapio Haapala Burner@OFTC PRKL 80x120x220cm EURpal ~500kg Finnish village stuff delivered on-site
2022-07-18 _luc @ NOC NOC Medium Amazon package electronics -
2022-07-18 Q Misell NOC Small parcel <2kg Engelbert Strauss shorts -
2022-07-18 Bix Productiehuis (contact Productiehuis/VOC via radio on channel 7, not me personally) medium sized box, but heavy (23kg) (Thomann via UPS) Gaffer tape -
2022-07-19 Sebastius / Bas Oort Heaven 10x10x150cm, lightweight <5kg 2x Banner for heaven delivered, picked up
2022-07-19 ripper Leiwandville below 25x25x20cm, 10kg (guesstimate) Stuff for repairing tent tarps -
2022-07-19 Stef Louwers User:Fhp Team:Family Probably a big box, not very heavy Inflatables and frisbees from / Picked up
2022-07-19 Stef Louwers User:Fhp Team:Family Two boxes Inflatables from via HDL Picked up!
2022-07-19 Florian Overkamp User:Sim Team:Family Small box, lightweight <5kg Test tubes from - Jaff Jaff Picked up!
2022-07-19 User:Razamus Labitat 2 parcels. One is smaller. The other is 30 x 40 x 40 cm. A total weight of 9kg (guesstimate) Food and kitchen stuff Picked up :)
2022-07-19 User:boreq milliways 3kg extension cord and a waterproof plastic box for power distribution stuff, "Unfortunately, DHL_CONNECT ran into an issue when attempting your delivery. They will try again. Delivery failed with reason 'business closed'." picked up
2022-07-20 Rowan van der Kaaden User:Rowan8k and friends 26 x 26 x 21cm, 2,3kg Patches Delivered elsewhere, won't arrive here
2022-07-20 Christel Boekenwuurm User:Boekenwuurm entrance 1-4 drukwerkdeal doos booklets -
2022-07-20 Stef Louwers User:Fhp Team:Family 3 drukwerkdeal packages, 50cm long, not heavy banners -
2022-07-20 User:Razamus Labitat 10 x 20 x 20 cm, < 1 kg (guesstimate) Kruidnoten Picked up :)
2022-07-20 User:Razamus Labitat 20 x 30 x 4 cm, < 1 kg (guesstimate) Flag Picked up :)
2022-07-20 User:Crablab Team:Content 20 x 30 x 4 cm, < 100g (guesstimate) RS Components, GLS Aflevercode: G166 probably picked up
2022-07-21 Stef Louwers User:Fhp Team:Family 5 packages, ~15kg each bamboosticks picked up
2022-07-21 Stef Louwers User:Fhp Team:Family 23 x 21 x 31cm, ~4kg button machine picked up
2022-07-21 milliways small heavy package (10.0kg) fancy metal disks. -
2022-07-21 Thijs Bosschert User:Thice CTF Tent Village:CTF (We will be onsite ourselves) 2,5m3 / 100KG (Estimate) 15 Bean bags (DHL delivery) Arrived & picked up
2022-07-21 Thijs Bosschert User:Thice CTF Tent Village:CTF
(18:00 - 22:00, We will pick it up from the delivery point ourselves)
22 trays of drinks drinks (Dynalogic delivery) Arrived & picked up
2022-07-21 Koen van den Heuvel User:Waxdt Village:Love_Live_Laugh!_Arcade_Hacking_Festival_~after_camp_ACTIVITY~_Wai-Wai!_Tent_Meeting!! or Arcade sponsor tent staff 144 x 100 x 22cm 6kg 2 mattresses from Decathlon Picked up! Thanks Logistics Team!
2022-07-21 User:Martin Team:Ticket_and_Entrance / Village:POC Small Clothing (C&A) -
2022-07-21 Michael Weimann User:Weeman Village:FraMa Small Matrix Stickers Picked up
2022-07-20 User:Martin Team:Ticket_and_Entrance / Village:POC Giant Euroboxes, Lids, Electronics (Hornbach, 3 Parcels via PostNL) -
2022-07-23 User:Algoldor Village:FoodHackingBase Small, 5kg Bottle stickers -
2022-07-20 User:Teddy deFEEST 30x40x5 flags User:Anus is on field
2022-07-21 User:Kintaro Sensor.Community Giant Sensors Arrived, please pick up at LHQ
2022-07-21 User:Kintaro Team:Deco Small 3x 1mm² kabel 25meter arrived
2022-07-21 User:RatN Silent Village Small Voss Spezialrad GmbH; bike spare parts picked up
2022-07-22 User:Brenno Village:OpenKAT Small (<1 kg) unknown Received, wasn't on the wiki when received
2022-07-22 User:Arki Village:ItalianEmbassy Small (<1 kg) unknown delivered and picked up
2022-07-23 User:Razamus Labitat Small (<1 kg) Tape, scalpel
2022-07-23 User:Razamus Labitat Small (<1 kg) ESPs, book
2022-07-23 User:Razamus Labitat Small (<1 kg) Voltage regulators
2022-07-23 User:Razamus Labitat Small (<1 kg) Facemasks
2022-07-23 User:Pwuts (DECT 7987 - PWTS) Team:Badge Small (~ 4 kg) Soldering tools & materials picked up
2022-07-23 Yxxx Cxxxx @ Wilson Wilson Field Small (~ 1 kg) extension cord from Picked up
2022-07-23 Yxxx Cxxxx @ Wilson Wilson Field Small (< 1 kg) Voordeeldrogisterij ?? picked up
2022-07-23 Marijn Pool @ HSNL Village:HSNL Small (< 1 kg) delivered and picked up
2022-07-24 Yxxx Cxxxx @ Wilson Wilson Field Small (< 1 kg) universal power adapter from delivered and picked up
2022-07-24 User:JuliJane Village:geraffel Small (<1 kg) Gas tank cap for car from delivered and picked up
2022-07-24 User:Cent (Vinxxxxx Pxxx) Village:Afra Medium (~5kg) 50m Etherent cable from delivered and picked up
2022-07-25 User:rickvl Village:133713pwnies Small DECT phone from delivered and picked up
After Tuesday July 26th You can't have anything delivered to MCH after the event!