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A project is a collaborative enterprise that brings together certain people, groups or communities. A project is usually connected to one or multiple Villages, which places it on the map... otherwise just say where it is on the page.

Browse through the list to find interesting projects, but more importantly: walk around on the camp-site and have a chat with the people from the projects you find interesting and discover even more than you could think of.

If you work on some project on the camp or just want to show on what you are usually working, you're encouraged to tell others about your presence and what you're doing.

So, if you like, create a page containing information about you and your project using the project form.

List of projects

Projects:Arch LinuxArch Linux is an independently developed, x86-64 general-purpose Linux distribution that strives to provide the latest stable versions of most software by following a rolling-release model. T
Projects:CTFThe MCH2022 Capture The Flag eventVillage:CTF
Projects:CTF: Digital ForensicsWant to do Digital Forensics? Try our CTF!!!Village:SHA512
Projects:ColocationThe Colocation Center is part of the certified Realraum / Leiwandville Dome Data Center Park.Village:Realraum
Projects:Crepe partyWe will do crepe for you !Village:Lambda
Projects:DeClouding a smokedetectorTuya also sells their cloudbased IOT modules with other processors than ESP8266. We will reverse engineer this module and put our own code in a ESP8266Village:GadgetFriday
Projects:DemopartyDemoparty TIC-80 Byte Jam
Projects:ESP32 LifeCycleManagerHow to change the bootloader for universal control of OTA triggeringVillage:GadgetFriday
Village:Neighbourhood Nerds
Projects:Floating Fab Lab
Projects:FoxhuntingFind hidden radio transmittersVillage:TMS
Projects:FristileaksA Dutch informal hacker meetup called FristileaksVillage:Ceci n'est pas un Village
Projects:HAM Radio RepeaterThis project aims to provide a HAM radio repeater
Projects:Hackerspace Passport StampsGather a stamp for your hackerspace passport all around the campVillage:HSNL
Projects:Horizon EDANext generation open source PCB design software.
Projects:Keep Ukraine ConnectedRaising donations for Keep Ukraine Connected
Projects:Mail to JailMail to imprisoned activistsVillage:milliways
Village:Chaos Post
Projects:MatrixAn open network for secure, decentralised communicationVillage:FraMa
Projects:NailPolishMadnessGet your nails painted with any design, color and patternVillage:GadgetFriday
Projects:Newline 2022Yearly free hacker conference in Ghent, BelgiumVillage:HSBE
Projects:Patch Vending and friends
Projects:PolyCoin GameA game played across MCH where PolyCoin units are captured by RFID card
Projects:SalzamtBeschwerdestelle / Complaints departmentVillage:/dev/lol
Projects:SaunaSauna? Sauna! What more is there to say? and friends
Projects:Secret TokensThere are several Secret Tokens hidden all over the MCH2022 Campsite, digital systems, websites, or just a random place related to MCH2022. Participants are invited to try to find as many tokens as possible and try to get the high-score on the scoreboard.Village:CTF
Projects:StickersStickers which can be earned by MCH2022 visitorsVillage:CTF
Projects:The GNU ProjectWe are building a libre operating system!Village:Explody
Projects:The MiniverseVillage:80s Party
Projects:The Royal Game of Ur tournamentsThe Royal Game of Ur and friends
Projects:UNIX and FriendsProvide a welcome hacking environment for UNIX developers (NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, illumos) and friends of the project. Including all BSD related topics, pkgsrc hacking and more.Village:Frubar
Projects:UbaBotself-made cocktail robotVillage:Frubar
Projects:WafflesWe want to make waffles for the people at MCH2022. Please participate.Village:C3WOC
Projects:YolocationFree VM's and ColocationVillage:YoloCation
Projects:bill saobill saoVillage:Mysteryhack
Projects:watermeter readout: component handoutMany dutch houses now use a Honeywell V200P water meter. It is special because it uses an LC loop in its spinner. This project is about already working, but not perfect, hardware to readout this meter. I have 8 sets of ICs and coilforms to build your own.Village:GadgetFriday

There are 36 announced projects.