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Exact name WaterMeter
Generated Design (experiment here)
Description Many dutch houses now use a Honeywell V200P water meter. It is special because it uses an LC loop in its spinner. This project is about already working, but not perfect, hardware to readout this meter. I have 8 sets of ICs and coilforms to build your own.
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Tags watermeter, resonance, coil, honeywell V200P, falcon PR6
Located at village Village:GadgetFriday
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The 'all about circuits' page shows how I built the project initially. There is a flaw in the design that makes it either count too much or to little and these regions meet in the middle. The design improvement is about using the 74HC590 to count pulses instead of the analoge integrator now used.

I have 8 sets of LM339N, 74HC590 and coilformers to give away. Together with a microcontroller and a other more common components, you can build your own. I also have an autodesk design to support all the components.

If you are just curious and not afraid to tinker, drop by on <date and time to be confirmed> at GadgetFriday village in the back of Olsen field. Other moments are also OK but I might not be around...