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A cluster of villages that have some blue in their background  +
Area for families with kids, organized by Team:Family  +
Dutch Hackerspaces  +
Cluster for all peopple from Bavaria, Franconia and maybe Austria  +
MCH2022 Research and Education Network  +
Picnic Area to merge our villages  +
Arch Linux is an independently developed, x86-64 general-purpose Linux distribution that strives to provide the latest stable versions of most software by following a rolling-release model. T  +
The MCH2022 Capture The Flag event  +
Want to do Digital Forensics? Try our CTF!!!  +
The Colocation Center is part of the certified Realraum / Leiwandville Dome Data Center Park.  +
We will do crepe for you !  +
Tuya also sells their cloudbased IOT modules with other processors than ESP8266. We will reverse engineer this module and put our own code in a ESP8266  +
Demoparty TIC-80 Byte Jam  +
How to change the bootloader for universal control of OTA triggering  +
Find hidden radio transmitters  +
A Dutch informal hacker meetup called Fristileaks  +
This project aims to provide a HAM radio repeater  +
Gather a stamp for your hackerspace passport all around the camp  +
Next generation open source PCB design software.  +
Raising donations for Keep Ukraine Connected  +