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Name Projectleiding
Part of clusters

  • Kick-start van teams (?)
  • Establish an exhaustive registration of tasks and responsibilities (i.e. these lists!)
  • Delegate as many responsibilities as possible to roles/teams
  • Provide information, structure, and meetings for people to join orga
  • Ensure healthy financial situation/boundaries
  • Maintain a good view of the large picture (be up-to-date about what happens in teams)
  • Ensure the essential large infrastructure for the event is prepared in time
  • Provide the means to, and make sure the teams are communicating essentials with each other
  • Coach teams that are having difficulties
  • Spot vacancies (non delegated responsibilities) and find people and/or solutions for them
  • Maintain contacts with major third parties, such as:
  1. venue owners/managers
  2. municipality and other governmental departments