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Name Volunteers
Team Team:Volunteers
Part of clusters

  • Recruit volunteers
  • Optimize on-boarding experience
  • Match volunteers to tasks and shifts:
  1. Provide teams that have things that need doing with people to do it
  2. Provide people with spare time with things to do
  3. Try to optimize fun and efficiency by directing people towards tasks that fit their skills
  • Schedule volunteers and inform volunteers about what’s expected from them
  • Provide basic life necessities to volunteers that help out for more than just a few hours, e.g. food and drinks.
  • Express gratitude towards volunteers, e.g. by awarding goodies (t-shirts) and good food
  • Manage volunteers on site from early build-up to late tear-down
  • Schedule volunteer assignments according to priorities indicated by build-up, tear-down, and PL
  • Help teams structure their volunteer shifts
  • Keep a pool of volunteers available for unplanned ad-hoc tasks.