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On this page, you can find a list of planned self-organized sessions by participants of the camp and you'll find the necessary information to create your own session.

"Self-organized Sessions" includes everything, everything that is organized by you and where you welcome other visitors to join!

Such an event can be:

  • ... a gathering of a project group or on a special topic,
  • ... a contest or a game,
  • ... a workshop,
  • ... a small talk or lecture,
  • ... a screening of a movie,
  • ... something with music, literature and art,
  • ... a follow-up-discussion on one of the "big talks" or another topic that happened recently,
  • ... everything else you think that needs to take place at the camp,

If you as a village/hoster of sessions want the sessions to be included in the official program at there's a clunkly (and evolving) process for that.

List of self organized sessions

There are 107 registered self-organized sessions.

Warning: The processing village might not be the location of the session, look at the session details for locations and times.

To add the self-organized sessions to your calendar or the giggity event schedule app you can use this iCalendar URL or from the QR code below:


 descriptionProcessed by villageHas session type
Session: May Contain HijackersVillage:deFEESTTalk
Session: Sun 24 July Red Teaming: Obtaining Initial Access through Social EngineeringVillage:1111101001 Nights
Session:22 juli – 16:00 Hack some musicVillage:1111101001 Nights
Session:23 July – 13:00 Hack the Wi FiVillage:1111101001 Nights
Session:24 July – 19:00 SearchWing - Drone to support Search and Rescue Missions on the sea.SearchWing - Drone to support Search and Rescue Missions on the sea.Village:1111101001 NightsTalk
Session:2m FoxhuntingFind small hidden radio transmittersVillage:TMSHands-On
Session:80s PartyCome join our party, dance to 80s music, and enjoy good company!Village:80s PartyMeeting
Session:Adventures with workflow automationDid you ever wondered about different interesting ways in which CI/CD pipelines can be (mis)used? come and find out!Village:Unlock The CityTalk
Session:Anti-surveillance makeup tutorialHow to hamper facial recognition software and still look awesome!Village:80s PartyWorkshop
Session:Arch Linux User MeetupUser meetup for users and people interested in Arch Linux.Village:sigsegv
Session:Automation with AnsibleA handson workshop about automation with AnsibleVillage:atypicalHands-On
Session:Badge demo partyBadge demo partyMeeting
Session:Building a stream-based NLP (Natural Language Processing) app to monitor vulnerabilities realtimeWe'll set up a stream-based Python app to monitor new vulnerabilities by using NLP (Natural Language Processing) in realtimeVillage:Area42
Session:Button masher of the dayDo you've the fastest fingers of MCH? Become the button masher of the day and bring home your trophy!Village:TheVillagePeopleGame
Session:CODED BIASScreening of CODED BIAS, a film by director Shalini KantayyaVillage:80s PartyOther
Session:Can you stage dive in the metaverse: A digital ethics discussion on rules in a digital sphereCan you, should you or would you stage dive in the Metaverse?Village:Unlock The CityTalk
Session:Chip forensics @Netherlands Forensic InstituteShowing some of the work the NFI does regarding chip forensics.Village:SHA512Talk
Session:Cider Flows 2Cider tasting event.Village:FoodHackingBaseWorkshop
Session:Container Deep DiveA technical deep dive linux container workshopVillage:atypicalHands-On
Session:Cooking KniddelenLearn how to cook KniddelenVillage:FoodHackingBaseWorkshop
Session:CrowdSec Workshop for absolute beginnersA hands-on workshop to use CrowdSec to analyze the Log4J vulnerabilityWorkshop
Session:CrowdSec workshop for absolute beginnersI'll be hosting a simple workshop on how to get started with CrowdSec.Village:TheVillagePeopleWorkshop
Session:Dance workshopBeginner dance workshops for hackers with two left feet. Partner optional :)Village:RandomData and FriendsWorkshop
Session:DefCon Holland Group at MCH2022DefCon Holland Group at MCH2022Village:Beg BountiesMeeting
Session:Defending and attacking KubernetesA talk and demo showing security misconfigurations for Kubernetes clusters and how they can be attackedVillage:Unlock The CityTalk
Session:Developing Concurrent Pentesting Tools in GoA workshop on GoLang and tips to write pentesting toolsVillage:Unlock The CityWorkshop
Session:Developing the CityControl badge appLearn all about the development of the CityControl game app on MCH2022's badge!Village:Unlock The CityTalk
Session:Docker HackingLearn how to break out of (misconfigured) docker containersVillage:1111101001 NightsWorkshop
Session:Drinking coffee and measure the power of your laserMeasure the power of your own brought laser, your transmitter or measure something else during drinking a cup of coffee and having a nice geek chatVillage:Area42Workshop
Session:Drinks with WICCASocial event for WICCA members attending MCH and anyone interested.Village:Beg BountiesMeeting
Session:Dutch Government's Digitisation ProgrammeDiscussion on the Dutch Government's Digitisation Programme, featuring Ron Roozendaal. Let's co-create the Dutch government work agenda for digitization!Village:80s PartyDiscussion
Session:E-books, 1 library to store them all. let's shareshare all ebooksOther
Session:Ethical DialogueJoin us in a moral deliberation on government surveillance.Village:80s PartyDiscussion
Session:FHB Soybean Fermentationintroduction to soyben fermentationVillage:FoodHackingBaseWorkshop
Session:FHB:Advanced brewingAdvanced brewing (fermentation) workshop/discussionVillage:FoodHackingBaseWorkshop
Session:FHB:Cheese RendezvousCheese tastingVillage:FoodHackingBaseOther
Session:FHB:Chips&CrispsTasting Chips&CrispsVillage:FoodHackingBaseOther
Session:FHB:Cider FlowsCider tastingVillage:FoodHackingBaseOther
Session:FHB:Kefir MakingKefir MakingVillage:FoodHackingBaseWorkshop
Session:FHB:Kimchi makingKimichi makingVillage:FoodHackingBaseWorkshop
Session:FHB:Make your own 'instant' ramen and stock powders, without added MSGMake your own 'instant' ramen stock powdersVillage:FoodHackingBaseHands-On
Session:FHB:Seitan Making 101Introduction to seitan makingVillage:FoodHackingBaseWorkshop
Session:FHB:Sourdough MakingHow to sourdoughVillage:FoodHackingBaseTalk
Session:FreemasonFreemasons. Meeting for all brothers and sisters. ∴Village:MainframeMeeting
Session:Frida on Android for beginnersIntroduction to Frida for hacking android apps with hooking.Village:SHA512Hands-On
Session:Fun with Bleach: Reverse tie&dyeUsing bleach to create psychedelic patterns on T-shirtsVillage:BornHack
Session:GNU Taler Integration HackingIntegrate GNU Taler payments with somethingVillage:ExplodyHands-On
Session:Git versioning workshopA hands-on workshop about GIT version controlVillage:atypicalWorkshop
Session:Glass melting workshopWe'll make colorful glass blobs to be used as a necklace pendant for instance.Village:ChaosFursHands-On
Session:Hack The Health : WorkshopsVillage:HackTheHealthWorkshop
Session:Hack The Health: Capture The FlagHealthcare themed CTF for all levels of experienceVillage:HackTheHealthGame
Session:Hack The Health: Device LabCome break into some medical devices and app!Village:HackTheHealthHands-On
Session:Hack The Health: Games
Session:Hack The Health: Talks and LecturesVillage:HackTheHealth
Session:Hacking DockerVincent teaches you how to hack Docker containers.Village:1111101001 Nights
Session:Hardware Hacking for absolute beginner + CTFHardware HackingVillage:Hardware Hacking Area - HHAWorkshop
Session:Hardware hacking for absolute beginners + CTFAfter this workshop, you will void warranties for a livingVillage:Unlock The CityWorkshop
Session:HashiStack (Nomad, Consul, Vault)A handson workshop with the HasiStackVillage:atypicalWorkshop
Session:Hot Chocolate AppreciationHot Chocolate Fans UniteVillage:PolyCoinHQ
Session:How much money can you steal with a quantum computer? - A quantitative analysis of the quantum risk to cryptocurrenciesA talk on the risks posed by quantum computers and its current use in cryptocurrenciesVillage:Unlock The CityTalk
Session:Interfacing with your hardware: I2CA hands-on session to understand I2C hackingVillage:Unlock The CityWorkshop
Session:Interfacing with your hardware: SPIA hands-on session on SPI hackingVillage:Unlock The CityWorkshop
Session:Interfacing with your hardware: UARTA hands-on session on UART hackingVillage:Unlock The CityWorkshop
Session:Introduction to GraphQL hackingUnderstanding GraphQL and how to navigate it in pentestsVillage:Unlock The CityTalk
Session:Juergens Gadget Garage (Free Stuff!)I have boxes full of hardware that I have to get rid off; come by and take someVillage:worldclassOther
Session:Kids/youth mentoring regulars' tableIf you organize projects for kids/youngster respectively you are mentor for suche a project - let us meet!Village:Hardware Hacking Area - HHAMeeting
Session:Kinky meetupA kinksters meetupVillage:HSBEMeeting
Session:Learn programming in PythonLearn programming in PythonVillage:atypicalHands-On
Session:Live Power OvertakeEver want to take over the power of LIVE SYSTEMS? Come to the SHA512 village at the Turing field!Village:SHA512Hands-On
Session:Mario Kart 64 on a projectorCome play Mario Kart 64 and Mario Party 2 with us while we project them onto our village tent in Torvalds FieldVillage:RetroGamingGame
Session:Matrix-Community-TestingJoin an Element Matrix Community testing session and test the latest featuresVillage:FraMaHands-On
Session:May Charge Here - Open Source Energy ManagementIntroducing the everest framework for charging cars and energy management -- 11 am, 24.07.2022Village:EVerest BaseCampWorkshop
Session:Mechanical Keyboard MeetupBring your own mechanical keyboard and try out others' mechanical keyboardsVillage:SwissVillage
Session:Microcontroller ExchangeExchange microcontrollers with fellow hackersVillage:Hardware Hacking Area - HHA
Session:Nix BOF meetInformal Nix "Birds of a feather" meetMeeting
Session:Not a MANI-fest but a DO-IT-FESTEnough of MANI-fests, it's time for a DO-IT-FEST! Come visit our village and make a pledge.Village:80s PartyOther
Session:Pancakes@PancakevillagePancakes for everyone!Village:pancakevillageOutside
Session:Popsicle Bridge Building CompetitionPopsicle Bridge Building Competition - Be an engineer for an hour!Game
Session:Power of PlayLet’s play analog games!Village:80s PartyGame
Session:Program a Robotic arm (Uarm Swift Pro) with Python or ScratchRobot programming competitionHands-On
Session:Reverse engineering Minecraft to get world recordsThis talk is about finding crucial info in Minecraft coupled with minecraft geekinessVillage:Unlock The CityTalk
Session:Reverse engineering for beginners workshopA beginner's guide to reverse engineering and tooling used to achieve thisVillage:Unlock The CityWorkshop
Session:Rooting an Android phone with MagiskGetting root access on Android with MagiskVillage:SHA512Workshop
Session:Rust WorkshopA beginner's look into the Rust programming languageVillage:Unlock The CityWorkshop
Session:Screen printingwe print on you(r stuff)Village:FraMaHands-On
Session:Self Built Caravan and Ebike ConversionI will show my self built caravan with ebike conversionVillage:C4Discussion
Session:Set up your own Matrix ServerA guided tour on how to set up your own Synapse Matrix serverVillage:FraMaHands-On
Session:Solid, Linked Data and Decentralized Web MeetupTalks and workshops about Solid, Linked Data and the Decentralized WebVillage:HSNLTalk
Session:Sun 24 Juli 14:00 Red Teaming: Obtaining Initial Access through Social Engineeringun 24 Juli 14:00 Red Teaming: Obtaining Initial Access through Social EngineeringVillage:1111101001 Nights
Session:Sunday 24th july 2:00PMRed Teaming / SEVillage:1111101001 Nights
Session:TF Works (Terraform works on AWS)In ~25 bite-sized & hands-on exercises we'll learn to use Terraform on AWSVillage:Area42Workshop
Session:TS100 Free Display ReplacementsGot a TS100 with dim display? Let's replace it!Village:Hardware Hacking Area - HHAHands-On
Session:The Ethics Book ClubCome talk about your favorite ethics books and tell us what you learned from themVillage:80s PartyMeeting
Session:The Only Way is EthicsDon't know your Alan Turing from your Model Tuning? No problem! Come and join the world's weirdest pub quiz!Village:80s PartyGame
Session:The history and future of digital identity - An Identity R/EvolutionSnappy bird flight oversight of the evolution of IdentificationVillage:Unlock The City
Session:Tor Relay Operator MeetupMeetup for Tor Relay Operators and interested partiesVillage:c-baseMeeting
Session:Track 1
Session:Trail RunStart your day fit, both physically and mentally!Village:80s PartyOutside - open source wardriving with the ESP32Learn about a cost-effective open-source wardriving tool and use casesVillage:Unlock The CityTalk
Session:WhiskileaksBring spirits for a tastingVillage:ExplodyOther
Session:Who is who in Ancient Hebrew Poetry?A talk on a PhD research that involved developing a set of algorithms to help interpret ancient Hebrew poetryVillage:Unlock The CityTalk
Session:You shall not massYou shall not mass! Data silenceVillage:80s PartyOther
Session:Your first Matrix botLearn how to create your first Matrix bot in Python or JavaScript.Village:FraMaHands-On
Session:athlETHICS sports eventStart your day fit, both physically and mentally!Village:80s PartyOutside
Session:self e-STEAMGrab a box and tinker your robot. Come and show your bot and run against the clockHands-On
Session:surprise partysurprise partyVillage:/dev/lolOther
Session:tRaining Cats and DogsBuild your own artificial intelligence - no programming skills or machine learning knowledge required!Village:80s PartyWorkshop