Session:CrowdSec Workshop for absolute beginners

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Description A hands-on workshop to use CrowdSec to analyze the Log4J vulnerability
Type Workshop
Kids session No
Tags Log4J, CrowdSec
Person organizing
Language en - English
en - English
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Starts at 2022-07-25T19:00:00.000Z
Ends at 2022/07/25 20:30
Duration 90 minutes

Klaus Agnoletti has been an infosec professional since 2004. As a long-time active member of the infosec community in Copenhagen, Denmark he co-founded BSides København in 2019. Currently as a community manager in CrowdSec one of his current roles is to spread the word and inspire an engaging community. This is for anyone new at CrowdSec, who knows a bit of how CrowdSec works but has no hands-on experience. We will install CrowdSec on Debian along with the new NGINX bouncer. We’ll be configuring it to mitigate threats using reCAPTCHA, learn how to set up graphing with Metabase, load cold logs via the replay feature and add our server to the console. We expect you to have experience with Linux and ssh. We will provide you with a VPS to install CrowdSec on.