Session:Program a Robotic arm (Uarm Swift Pro) with Python or Scratch

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2022-07-24, 13:00–14:30, Location:Gear

Like programming physical things? How about attending this workshop that will challenge you to program a Robotic Arm. You have the choice between Python or Scratch-like programming language and will we provide you with some cool challenges to complete. For the Scratch-like environment no real programming experience is needed

We will provide different levels of challenges for beginners to advanced, including Compute Vision. If you have no previous programming experiences, you can still participate and use the Scratch like environment to program the robot.

Max attendees: There are 5 Robots per workshop and we recommend 2 people per robot.

If you registered here and are looking forward to the workshop, but are two minutes late to the workshop tent, you'll get sent away and will be treated like an annoying fly.

Bring your own laptop!

Robot Arm Programming
Team# Team Name Members
Team 1 Lyko Nicob, Lila
Team 2 Bilinear pairing confiks, Sietse
Team 3 Picasso Morikko,
Team 4 DefaultName Rutgerrrr / Mr.Headzzz
Team 5 letzhack gambrinus, macfreak
Team 6 BringYourOwn Okso, Staz

Reserve list: Trikkitt