Tarp Sculpture

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Project Name Tarp Sculpture
Contact User:Jagenau
Status idea
Budget 500
Fabric Length (meter)

Base structure made out of sails and wooden poles that can be illuminated. Construction/design work by Jagenau (contact via Moem). Jagenau is an orga member of Bornhack (Denmark) and builds the bar out of poles and translucent tarps every year; she has agreed to use the same technique for a freestanding tarp sculpture that will be lit up. It can be as big as the length of the poles permit. We are hoping to use pioneer wood for the poles; Jagenau is used to working without nails or screws.

Here is a description of what the sculpture will look like:

  • The branches of the dead tree will be lengthened with poles (which need to be sourced somewhere)
  • The poles will be attached with straps and other non-destructive means
  • Triangular, translucent tarps will be fastened to the poles to form a flower-like shape
  • UV-reactive wool will also play a part


  • Sculpture needs UV lighting.
  • Sculpture does not need a permit.
  • TODO: Power in watts?
  • If the sculpture is meant to be interactive (lighting), it will need network.


  • TODO: Buildlog...

Howto: Prepare

  • There is no off site preparation required. Just the gathering of the materials: poles, tarps, rope, luggage straps and ground pegs.

TODO: Describe the manufacturing process in the highest level of detail.

For now: Poles are erected, covered with translucent tarps and built into a structure that's held up and secured by ropes and pegs. The structure is lit.

Howto: Buildup

  • These details will be filled in in dialogue with Jagenau, who will oversee this project.
  • TODO: Where to get the stuff from?
  • TODO: How many volunteers are required?
  • TODO: How much time is required?
  • TODO: Provide instructions on how to set up the installation on the event site.

Howto: Teardown

  • The poles go back to wherever they came from. The tarps and ropes etc. go back to Jagenau. There is very little waste.
  • TODO: How many volunteers are required?
  • TODO: How much time is required?