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Bringing beauty to the party
1st line contacts: Moem, Polyfloyd
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding: Rizoom
Backup Contact at projectleiding: Stitch

Team Members

Team Members MCH2021

We are on Signal, contact Moem or polyfloyd to be added.


The Decoration Team divides work into separate projects. If you as a decoration team member have an idea about what to make, please create a new project and fill out the details according to the template.

Project NamePerson ResponsibleStatusBudget
Adressable light flowers
Build Up Planning
Deco Centerpieces
Entrance Gate
Light ropes
MCH Letters
Sample Project
Tarp Sculpture


We have a pad:

Main Event floor decoration map:



Ideas and whatever:

  • Giant pyramid in the tree surrounded field with loads of lights and lasers
  • Chain of addressable lights over the length of the large pond (not the one with the island)
  • Lights pointed at the dyke
  • UV illuminated stuff
  • Large inflatable dome tents
  • Inflatable shapes (BugBlue knowns someone)
  • Dichromatic lightspots
  • Wrap showers in spaceblankets = golden showers
  • Wooden board animals (cows?) and let people paint them
  • Silly walk pedestrian crossing
  • Umbrellas in the air

Stuff from the Mumble meet on March 14

Requested projects:


Chronologically ascending order