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Will somebody think of the children !!1
1st line contacts: Sim
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for: Role:Family
IRC: #mch2022-family
Contact at projectleiding: Boekenwuurm
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members

Team Members MCH2021


You are welcome to join the Team:Family and make MCH2021 an awesome experience for the next generation of hackers, and their nerdy parents.

Team organising the SHA2017 family village has written a letter for us with the lessons learned : [1], It is also attached to the wiki File:Letter-to-future-team-family.pdf

Yes, you can join this team! Having kids, or experience in dealing with them is preferred, but certainly not required. It doesn't have to be a lot of work, even just brainstorming during the meetings or on IRC is really appreciated!

Connecting with us

If you want to be informed about our plans, or even just planning to visit MCH2021 with your kids, subscribe to the mailinglist. You can also join us on IRC (#mch2021-family on If you are not used to IRC, you can follow the following Matrix instructions to easily use IRC on your phone or it in your browser.



Probably using the following fields, to be designated as the Family Zone:

  • Clarke: For the big tents and big activities
  • Boole: Activities for smaller children
  • Babbage: Sleeping/quiet zone (quiet in the night, not so much in the early morning :)

Note: In previous events this area was known as the Family Village, but this also caused confusion about the status of Team Family. Our purpose is to make MCH2021 an awesome experience for the next generation of hackers, and their nerdy parents. The geographical area previously known as the Family Village was just one part of that. In order to avoid this confusion we're designating this area the Family Zone.

Changes to SHA2017 Family Village

  • No kids <12 allowed during buildup and tear-down phase, most likely up to day -2, and from post event day + 1, exact days TBA. Safety risks are simply too high.
  • Location of the Family Zone is back to the originally planned location
  • Professional, externally hired daycare is a good idea, and will be explored.
  • We drop the name "Family Village", the team is called "Team Family" and the area is called "Family Zone"


These tasks have been imported from the SHA2017 event, and updated with information available at this point. We'll still need to prune this list and add to it.

Topic What Status Who Notes
Location Get use of Babbage, Boole and Clark fields (no other villages here)
Location 2 Big tents with tables, chairs, power distribution and lighting for indoor playing, eating
Location Arrange projection and audio
Location Communicate with PL/Bar regarding the stage-music-plans Stage location/orientation should minimise sound in the direction of Family Zone, for example using an End Fire Cardioid Subwoofer Array
Location Additional showers (babies and kids require more cleaning)
Location Ask for the camper spaces closest to the family zone for kids/family
Location Plenty of toilets and showers close by
Location Power everywhere
Location Networking (cabled) everywhere
Location Networking (wifi) everywhere
Location DECT everywhere
Location Plenty of garbage bins close by
Location Signs signifying this is the family zone
Location Arrange drinking water and lemonade
Location Outdoor space for outdoor playing
Location Shared refrigerator Ask team bar
Location Contact Team:Logistics regarding receiving orders
Safety Contact Team:Entrance and Team:Infodesk to distribute child bracelets
Safety Make area safe for kids
Safety First Aid kit suited for babies, kids and parents
Safety Check for additional fencing requirements towards water
Safety Communicate with Team:Safety regarding Missing Child Scenario Make a plan, and actually test-run it
Communication Ask parents to have a recent picture of their kid standby in case of missing kid scenario To be added to the "Family Zone Rules"
Communication Quiet during the night (21:00 - 07:00) at the Babbage (sleeping) field To be added to the "Family Zone Rules"
Communication Text for booklet
Communication Contact Team:Sysadmin for a mailinglist User:fhp
Communication Set up mail for team ticket We would like to be able to directly reach all visitors with children.
Communication Blog posting about family zone
Communication Add commitments section to wiki
Communication Twitter account for communication Done User:Haakjes @MCH2021Family Contact User:Haakjes for access
Team Create a build-up plan
Team Communicate with PL/Heaven about Orga bands for spouses/children Agree (and clearly communicate) in advance about the orga bands for spouses of team members, mainly because of meals in heaven. Having meals available greatly increases the participation of both parents in orga, FV and angel system. Confusion and discussion about this during the event is unpleasant and unnecessary. In advance confirm with heaven that if both parents have orga bands, kids of course can eat as well. Overzealous angels checking bands at mealtimes needed some reminding of this.
Team Arrange angel shift in the morning to clean up Family Zone
Team Create angel shifts Create a clear description of tasks for the angels and a clear point-of-contact for questions. Ideally, a team-member will talk to the angels at the beginning of their shift. This would also ease the distribution of meal-vouchers.
Team Create kid-specific angel shifts Kids-angel shifts are not a substitute for parental supervision, and should not be occupational therapy. They do greatly help kids get into the spirit of the camp. Last event, Team:Deco in particular had suitable tasks , such as painting flags and signs, hanging flags from bushes, etc.
Content Contact Team:Content for workshop program Actively work together with Team:Content to create a proper child program, and have it also in the CfP
Content Wiki setup similar to the CCC Camp Kids Zone wiki page that invites community to enter their own projects/events
Child Care Investigate professional child care User:fhp

Shopping List

What Status Who Notes
Stationary for making signs, notes (paper, markers, scissors, tape, ropes)
~400m Flatterband Don't buy red/white which is used by Team:Safety
2x gaffer tape
Child wristbands for telephone number
Cable ties (various lengths, can't have enough of this)
10-20 power strips (the more sockets the better) with safety covers ("shutters")
DECT phones
Order tables and chairs At
2 fire extinguishers in the tent (one each) Check first with Team:Safety
big pile of bandaids with nice pictures Check first with Team:Safety
2x EHBO basics Check first with Team:Safety
3 high baby chairs for heaven
3 high baby chairs for Family Zone
3 baby cleaning stations
A gazillion diaper bags A separate diaper disposal bin is not needed, but a lot of diaper bags is

Cool ideas, wishes, suggestions

  • Bamboostick building set
  • Your idea here!


  • To make MCH2021 an awesome experience for the next generation of hackers, and their nerdy parents:
    • Work with rest of orga to make families an integral part of the event
    • Coordinate child friendly activities and content
    • Organize Family Zone
    • (Possibly) arrange for professional child care