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Person Responsible
Status confirmed
Type toys
Age groups
  • 6-9 year
  • 9-12 year
  • 12-16 year
Budget Required 500
Budget Granted 500

This page is part of the Team:Family of MCH2022. Feel free to look around.

MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and make the FamilyZone awesome, please join the team or organize a project. If you want to help at the event, please participate as an angel.

Provide bamboe sticks and rubber bands. Kids (and adults) can use this to build large outdoor structures. By adding sheets and curtains, it is quite easy to build huts.


  • Logistics for accepting the packages.
  • Someone to lead this project during the event. No homework required, just fun :)

Materials required

  • Lots of sticks and rubber band. Can order from Bambox.
  • Maybe add old (bed)sheets and curtains. Bring them if you have any available!

Materials arranged

Who will provide them, and when?

  • User:fhp ordered sticks and rubber bands.
  • Add your name here if you can bring some sheets or curtains.


  • TODO: Buildlog...

Howto: Buildup

  • Order materials
  • Build a demo structure
  • ...
  • Profit

Howto: Teardown

  • Collect all sticks and make piles.
  • Give them away to visitors, or find a scouting group that would like them.