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The document from SHA2017 was extremely useful. It is at [[1]] . That document is pretty accurate of how things were at at MCH2022.

  • Setup was similar to SHA2017 - 2 large tents on Turing field.
    • Team:Villages coordinated with us to place other Villages on the FamilyZone terrain
  • Team:Family was an active member of the Orga team
    • Active in orga meetings, sufficient budget, Orga representative in team meetings.
  • Make sure to _exercise_ the Missing Children scenario with the Command Post
    • Check with team safety on desirable contact points and check-ins
    • Have detailed map of the terrain for emergency purposes. Use the same coordinate/marking system as team safety
  • We organized day care for the event
  • Kids-on-the-field-during-setup policy
  • AngelShifts:
    • We had 2 AngelTypes: Angel Runner (>=16yo) and Angel Minion (<=16yo).
    • Two-Hours shifts from 9:00-21:00. Two parents, Two kids per shift.
  • Make sure to clear up confusion whether a parent's AngelKitchen voucher also applies for their kids.
    • This is was the initial reason we created the "Runner" and "Minion" concept.
  • Find a better way to schedule Family-track events; Pretalx does not support a way to grant team access to manage their own tracks. This year, separate Pretalx accounts needed to be created for each talk, they needed to be submitted, approved, re-approved, etc.