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Person Responsible Ppisljar
Status ready
Type workshop
Location FamilyZone Workshop Tent
Age groups
  • 6-9 year
  • 9-12 year
Date and Time Saturday at 12:00
Budget Required 0
Budget Granted None (yet)

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MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and make the FamilyZone awesome, please join the team or organize a project. If you want to help at the event, please participate as an angel.

We'll build mini stomp rockets out of toy squeakers and drinking straws

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Materials required

required materials per stomp rocket will be provided at the workshop

  • toy squeaker
  • drinking straw (enough for 3 rockets)
  • smaller drinking straw (for the cannon)
  • piece of sillicon tube (for connecting the cannon)
  • small piece of hard paper (for wings)

additional things:

  • hot glue gun + hot gun
  • scissors

Materials arranged

we have supplies for around 30 kids, each can create 3 rockets and the cannon we have 4 hot glue guns, so thats going to be a bottle neck



Howto: Buildup

  • Where to get the stuff from?

We'll bring the box with materials and tools required.

  • How many volunteers are required?

Depends on the amount of children interested and their age some help might be needed to work with the hot gun and scissors and to spread materials around.

  • How much time is required?

it takes 10 minutes for an adult to build the rocket, for kids it depends on their age but i think 30 should be more than enough.

  • Provide instructions on how to set up the installation on the event site.

We need desks on which kids will be able to work, we need few desks with access to electricity to plug hot glue guns.

Howto: Teardown

  • Throw/give away?

Kids can keep their rockets, after the workshop some help would be needed to clean up all the mess (left over paper, straws, ...).

  • How much time is required?

15 minutes