Team:Family/meeting 2021-12-16

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Team:Family/meeting 2021-12-16
Name MCH2022 Team:Family meeting
StartDate 2021/12/16 20:00:00
EndDate 2021/12/16 22:00:00
Where jitsi


This page is part of the Team:Family of MCH2022. Feel free to look around.

MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and make the FamilyZone awesome, please join the team or organize a project. If you want to help at the event, please participate as an angel.

First meeting in a while. Introduction with Pikachu.


Team Family Meeting 2021-12-16


We'd like to claim Torvalds, the entire corner

TODO: fhp: Communicate with team terrein to claim this field


Orga did not reject our budget proposal, and the budget proposal will allow us to organize a good event.

We will not make any actual deals/contracts until we have a final ack from orga


We'd like to receive an early estimate from team tickets regarding the age-distribution so we can plan accordingly.

TODO: ?: Ask team tickets for an early estimate

We will wait for an actual commitment from ORGA before we start up our regular meetings and actually start ordering things. Next actual meeting will be beginning of Februari, unless we get commitment from ORGA before.


Last time we used: 20 tables / 60 chairs in the workshop tent and 15 tables / 40 chairs in the play tent.

Plan this year:

       Workshop tent:
           20 tables / 60 chairs = 183.8
       Play tent:
           15 tables / 40 chairs = 130.65
           5 beer tables / 10 beer benches = 62.8
       Small Fridge: 1 = 46.02
       Total price:
       >>> 35 * 4.87 + 100 * 1.44 + 5*5.38 + 10*3.59 + 46.02
       = 423.27

TODO: ?: Update the wiki to request the correct amount of tables/chairs/beer benches


Next meeting: Febuary 2th, 2022, 20:02, Location: TBD (jitsi)