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  • Train the Herald volunteers
  • Moderate Q&A sessions at the end of talks (if requested by speaker)
  • Monitor speakers and take care of needs that arise during presentations
  • Watch the room and making sure the event/talk runs smoothly
  • Minimize delays in the schedule (ensure speakers start and end on time)
1st line contacts: Katzazi
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding:
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members

What is team heralds all about?

Speaking in front of an audience, big or small, can be unnerving. It his the Heralds task to make the speakers experience as smooth as possible. This includes introducing the speaker on the stage and moderating a Q&A session afterwards but there are many more things that need attention, are people seated, are camera's running, is the sound working, does the speaker have special requests, are emergency exits free? Just some things that need attention before, during and after a talk. We will need one or two Heralds per stage for every planned talk. If you think you're up for this please join our team. If you feel like you might need some guidance, no problem! We will organise introduction meetings and team up novice Heralds with more experienced ones.


Most of the workload of the Heralds Team is during the MCH, while the talks are running.

ToDos before MCH


  • Setup system for assigning shifts during meetings
  • Herald desk shifts (to be done by Katzazi)

in progress

  • Clarify interfaces with speakers-desk, and the other teams working in the tents
  • Prepare cheat sheets
  • Prepare introduction meetings
  • Printing of talk-cards per talk


  • Organizing hardware (Should be part of the speakers desk build up)
  • Organizing DECT-Phones (1 per tent depending on need for A/B-System + 1 for herald desk)
  • Organizing shifts in the angel-system (together with the audio/video teams)
  • Decide if an A/B-herald system as was used at SHA is needed again (not needed at MCH)
  • Design and print of talk-cards (backside)

At the MCH

There will be an introduction meeting at the day 0 and maybe day 1. A meeting at each day during MCH to discuss possible issues and updates has also shown useful. It has proven useful to assign the shifts for the heralds during those meetings.

About the amount of volunteers aka angels needed during the event

The shifts will be aligned with the other working angles in the tents, following the talk program. At the moment we only cover the 3 main tents as far as currently known. A shift will be 1 talk + 15 min before and 15 min after. There are 2 slots per talk for heralds to allow for shadowing/training or backups for bigger talks. We expect heralds to be able to do multiple shifts per day, as the shifts are relatively short. We also need to man the heralds desk.