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There are vouchers so teams can order larger amounts of mate, cold drinks, beer, snacks at discount prices (compared to bar prices).

What? Vouchers?

For every team listed in Teams there is a voucher available. With this voucher one can unlock the price list in our webshop. Because we thought that publishing these vouchers on this wiki would be quite awkward, we informed all teams of this feature by way of the orga mailing-list.

Not on the mailing list

The prime contact of the team should be, so no worries.

Why vouchers?

We chose the Pretix voucher system to be able to give orga-teams an unfair financial advantage, without making that automatically clear to others. The prices differ from the prices at the bar. Some items are not available at all.

Items in the webshop

The webshop is primarily for teams that would like crates of mate, large bottles, and crates of cold drinks, crates of beer, boxes of snacks, thermoses of coffee or tea in their office-tent.

  • Mate: half-liter bottles are in crates of 20; the 0.33 liter bottles in crates of 24. No single bottles available.
  • Coffee, Tea: thermos jugs with about 10 cups of coffee.
  • Cold drinks: single bottles, or a mixcrate with 6 of any.
  • Beer: no draught beer, obviously, but crates of 24 bottles, also mixcrates with 24 of any.
  • Wine: single bottles.
  • Cold snacks: full boxes.
  • Hot snacks: full boxes, but frozen, you probably need some hardware to get them on the right temperature.

Alcohol By Volume

If it says ABV something % on the webshop, it means that it contains alcohol. Unless the something is 0.0. Then it's an alcohol-free beer. We are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages to minors (younger than 18 years), but we do not check it. The nice people at the entrance that clamp the pretty colored band around your wrist do check that, and we just check the wristband you are wearing.

Is it your birthday?

If it is your birthday, and you can prove that you are now of legal age to drink alcohol in the Netherlands, and you also like to do so, you can apply for the appropriate wristband at Team:Ticket and Entrance, after that we can also see that you're 18 now. Congrats.

More questions

  • You have more questions?
    • They can be put here, and/or emailed to us (see Team:Horeca).


So, Real Soon Nowtm the webshop will be open on