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On-site transportation
Part of Cluster Logistics
1st line contacts: Manduca
Is an exclusive team: Yes
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for: Role:On-site
Contact at projectleiding: Halcyon
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members

Team info

On-site Logistics is responsible for all transport of materials (not people) on the terrain. Additionally this team coordinates everything that is rented from Boels.

Logistics operates some have material that is potentially lethal. Therefor this is a partly exclusive team. Forklift drivers are pre-sellected, and trained. Nobody else will be allowed to drive forklifts during the event (tent-builder-companies exempted).

We can always use some volunteering hands though for some manual lifting, maintaining safety or delivering small goods.


The cool stuff we use:

  • 2 x Manitou M30-4 Forklift (3tons, 4WD)
  • 1 x Manitou M25-4 Forklift (2.5tons, 4WD)
  • 1 x JCB 525-60 Hi-Viz Telehandler (2.5tond, 4WD, 6meters)
  • 1 x Manitou MRT2550 Rotating Telehandler (5 tons, 4WD, 25meters, with JIB and platform)
  • 1 x Site Carrier with trailer

Location or where to find us

For (large) material storage we use are LSD (Logistics Storage Domain). This is a closed off area, only accessible for members of this team. This is located pretty far away from the main event, so no use in searching for us here. Small materials, and our hang-out, will be at the LHQ (Logistics Head Quarters) where also the Warehouse is located. If we are not working way too hard, you probably will find use there. Otherwise look for a forklift or telehandler driving around, and you've probably found one of us. Lastly we will be reachable by dect (MOVE) en portophone (but we might be to busy to pick-up the phone are hear the porto).


Manduca is organizing the Boels orders for teams (villages have to go trough Moebelhaus). For the current stuff on the list check this google sheet: Boels orderlist

NOTE: Quotes are finalized now. Changes are probably not possible anymore.

If you still need anything for your team you have to e-mail Manduca! He will try to request this. Note that festival time is hugh at the moment, and items are getting scarce!