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Press team handles contact with the various press outlets, coordinates their visits, guides and supervises them while they are on site.
1st line contacts: GigaWalt
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding: Boekenwuurm
Backup Contact at projectleiding: Damnlie

Team Members

Way of working

All team members to get a DECT phone and a porto. Porto used within the team and to communicate with other teams. DECT is used as generic entry into press team, by having number PRES (7737) ring all phones (set up by POC for us).

Press visits need to be announced beforehand via press@. They are assigned a time slot and somebody from the press team is appointed to pick them up and show them around. Press does not walk without a member of press team. They are given the rules (e.g. about not photographing/filming people without authorization) and are shown places/projects/villages/speakers/.. of interest. The list of press that visits was on a sheet, but in the future it is better to use a ticketing system so we have the history. Being appointed to a press visit means you are meant to be there, it is not voluntary. Press is picked up at the entrance and will get a press badge from the team member. Maybe better next time to have them enter at the supplier entrance. Also it would be good to put a piece of paper there with the list of press teams coming along.

Nice to have an overview of what is "interesting" before the event, e.g. from the content team. But also inform each other during the event. We used a signal group for this.

Having one person per press team worked out fine. There was one (Jeugdjournaal) that took a lot of time, but we can call upon others in the team to help. Team size (5 active members) was good and enough.

The press team was in the angel system, but this was also confusing as people wanted to join the press team, which was not the intention. Adding this to the angel system was done to be able to participate in the food offering. This was dealt with by giving the press team orga status. Proposal is to have team press be orga and not use the angel system.

Next time press team

fd0, GigaWalt and P1ndakaas have said they'd probably want to do this again next time.

Wish list

More work before the event

It is important to use the press to sell tickets instead of write about it when the registration has closed. This time, there were no recent events that we could flyer, which also did not help. Some small promo packages were sent (e.g. to hacker spaces). Press material was present on the website.

When an interesting speaker has been confirmed, it makes sense to spread that news through appropriate channels such as Hackaday.

At specific intervals before the event starts (e.g. 18, 12, 1 months before), we need to inform all other teams of the role of the press team and the way of working. The sponsor team can then contact the sponsors and let them know that if they want to film, they can, but please get in contact with team press.

At the event

Although it worked rather well without, it would be nice to have dedicated transportation next time.

We had a press table that got taken away and was in a noisy place. It might be nice to have a solution for this as well. When the press team got together with some people attending virtually, the sound was really bad. (Maybe we need a table microphone for this?)

A daily wrapup in the evening would be a good idea. Maybe lure the team in with some whisky ;-)

Action points

(Maybe) ask other events how they handle press and privacy of visitors.

Ask current press contact if we can keep their details on file.