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Team Sponsors will arrange for a business-like way to find people to sponsor and possibly donate to make MCH2021 financially possible.
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IRC: #mch2022-sponsoring
Contact at projectleiding: Halcyon
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Team Members

For more information about sponsoring at MCH2022, see

Sponsor booklet:

Approaching Sponsors

Since Team:Sponsors isn't a commercial sales team, we would like help from the community to get into contact with potential sponsors. If you have any contacts (perhaps an employer) that might be willing to sponsor, feel free to reach out and give them the brochure. In the end, we do need to sign a contract with the sponsor which is where the team can assist you to make this happen. It might happen that a potential sponsor will be approached multiple times, but we assume that will not result in any problems. Feel free to let us know if you're talking to a potential sponsor though!

Please leave reaching out to "cold" contacts to the sponsor team itself. We will keep a list of who we're reaching out to so that we won't spam anyone.

FAQ for sponsors

Where will our tent be placed on the field?

All villages can share their preferred location with Team:Villages here, who will then try to accommodate them in collaboration with Team:Terrain. As sponsor tents are villages just like any other participants' village, you too can share your preference with Team:Villages. Some sponsor tents have already received a suggested place on the field due to special content they have for the event (talks, activities, etc.). If you'd rather have a different place, just let Team:Villages know. It's useful to add Team:Sponsors in the CC so we're aware too.

When can we build the interior of our sponsor tent?

Your tent will be ready for you on Wednesday July 20th ("day -1") at 12:00PM. You can build up your village until Thursday 22:00, after which no vehicles will be allowed on the field anymore. We therefore recommend you to come to the field on Thursday at latest, to make sure your sponsor tent is ready to receive visitors on Friday. Access to the terrain does not yet require a ticket at least on the Wednesday, and likely on the Thursday either, so suppliers can come drop off things without problems then. If you arrive on Friday, you'll have to walk your village contents from the parking field to your tent on foot or using MCH's luggage shuttles when available.

Where can we get network and power?

Wired network and 1x 230v 16A are available for all villages within 50 meters. Be sure to bring a power reel yourself, as well as a long enough network cable if you'd like to use a wired internet connection. WiFi is available almost everywhere on the field. If you need more than one 16A power group, reach out to Team:Power and they will see what can be arranged for you.

Where can I register people for the sponsorship tickets?

You should by now have received voucher codes that can be used in the ticketshop to claim the ticket, as well as codes for day invites if you're a Platinum sponsor.

What kind of sponsor materials can I provide for the goodie bag? Where do I send them? What is the deadline?

The goodie bag will be about size A5, so anything that fits inside this bag is fine. If for example a printed piece of paper or flyer is bigger it will need to be folded but it can also be a sticker or usb stick for example.

Can I host a talk / workshop in my tent? How will this be communicated in the event program?

Sure! If you would like to have it registered in the official program it needs to be submitted here: Team:Content will decide if the event fits in the official program. If you want to decide what you do yourself (in your own village) you can submit your event as a "self organized session" here:

Can I place a big banner/logo on my tent?

Dutch hackercamps have a strong tradition as community-organised non-commercial events. In that spirit, we minimize commercial branding to a select few places (e.g. website, programme, badge). Branded banners or other company logo's are not allowed to be shown in publicly visible places, but inside of your own village tent you are free to show what you want. That means for example no banners on the outside of your tent, but on the inside you can decorate the walls with logos if you'd like. Some exceptions can be made (for example, if you want to hand out free coffee to participants, we don't mind a logo on the coffee cups), but you need to get in contact with Team:Sponsors in that case.

Will chairs and tables be provided in my tent? How do I order these?

Due to the war in Ukraine there is a shortage of rental tables and chairs, because they're used to house those who fled the war. If you can arrange tables and chairs yourself, it would help out the event a lot.

Update: we now have enough tables and chairs again. If you need tables or chairs from MCH, let Team:Sponsors know and we will arrange vouchers for the webshop of Team:Moebelhaus.

What else will be provided to me as a sponsor?

Besides the items listed for sponsorship in the flyer (see it is up to you what you want to bring! If you bring very big items for on the field, or potentially dangerous items please contact Team:Terrain and Team: Safety respectively.