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Team that provides most/all IT services needed to organize an event.
1st line contacts: Piele
Is an exclusive team: Yes
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
IRC: #mch2022-sysadmin
Contact at projectleiding: Stitch
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members

Team Members MCH2021

Current state


Regarding mail

On August 16, we migrated to another mailserver. For the people that have a mailaccount, please adjust your settings for smtp / imap:

  • IMAP: port 993, SSL/TLS
  • SMTP: port 587, STARTTLS

Your username does contain the domain part.



We are the sysadmin team. We provide the IT services and infrastructure needed for this orga to function. Apart from this wiki, no services have been deployed yet.



Services to be deployed

  • user registration portal
  • mail + mailinglists (1 of the last backlog things) Done as of 2020-08-16
  • webmail
  • Mumble voice server Done as of 2020-03-13
  • etherpad (or HedgeDoc)
  • Nextcloud for file sharing
  • Kanboard
  • Issue tracker / Ticketing system (Zammad) Next on the list (Needs to be moved to
  • Mailing list aliases: =>
  • Ticketshop for MCH2022
  • Team specific services
  • place your suggestion here (no guarantee it will be deployed, but we will look into it)


This team is looking for help. If you want to help out, join the irc channel and talk to Piele