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Ticket and Entrance
Exchanging money for QR-codes for wristbands.
1st line contacts: Hp197
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for: Role:Entrance, Role:POS Operations, Role:Ticket shop
IRC: #mch2022-tickets
Contact at projectleiding: Boekenwuurm
Backup Contact at projectleiding: Hp197

Team Members


ToDo list

  • connect with team Volunteers Sebastius. We need to talk about adding a 'i want to volunteer, please give team volunteers some contact details' to the ticketshop.


  • Aanhanger, trailer, PKW Anhänger do not need a additional parking ticket.


  • Verify visitor tickets
  • Hand out wristbands according to policies (e.g. age identification)
  • Hand out information booklets
  • Hand out other things as requested by other teams (e.g. badge, garbage bag)
  • Answer basic questions, direct the rest to info-desk
  • Arrange Press escorts
  • Wish visitors a great event
  • possibly Covid-check
  • Host a website that is the ticket shop
  • Sell tickets
  • Sell merchandise
  • Sell village rental services
  • Use the ticket shop to recruit volunteers
  • Require agreement to the official Terms and Conditions
  • Establish a ticket exchange page on the wiki with guidelines and advice
  • Implement the MCH2022_Payment_System
  • Provide support to merchants (People selling things)
  • Provide support/refunds to customers (People buying things)

For Future Teams

Mr. Seeker made some remarks for future teams