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Our first task is to get the village registration up and running. However, many conditions are still to be clarified (e.g. rules about cooking within a village, etc.). All necessary info relevant for villages must be gathered, and provided to villages in advance, making sure villages will be able to comply with potential rules. Shortly before the event, villages will have to be placed on the map, depending on their needs, and camp requirements.

On the event itself, the arriving villages must be coordinated. The same applies to teardown.

1st line contacts: Konmei
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
IRC: #mch2022-villages
Contact at projectleiding: Boekenwuurm
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members


From the Roles page:

  • Help villages (self-organized sub-events and/or people camping together) establish their presence
  • Write instructions for villages on how and where to send special requests (e.g. Power, NOC, On-Site), and how to integrate their village with the main event
  • Coordinate/plan which village goes where
  • Seek out villages with incomplete or vague wiki pages and encourage them to add more concrete information
  • Check whether villages adhere to imposed restrictions
  • Publish village locations on the map once this stabilizes
  • Preempt possible nuisance issues (e.g. loud music) and communicate and design accordingly
  • Be infodesk-like, but for village-specific needs.

ToDo lists

This is our ToDo list in which you can track the actions and their status.

Team Villages ToDo list
Action Description Status
Define Angels / shifts Bike angels needed to guide people for build-up on the terrain. Detailed description as in mail. Confirmation to be received (W) - Mail sent. Update expected early june.
Define Food Angels work better when they are not hungry. The number of meals depends on the number of assigned Angels. Confirmation to be received (W) - Mail sent. Update expected early june.
Order bikes Bike Angels will ride to hell and back but do need bikes for the build-up and tear down as they lead the way on the terrain and we also need bikes for the team to coordinate. Confirmation to be received (W) - Mail sent. Update expected early june.
Order walky-talky Instead of shouting up and down the field at the top of our lungs all day, walkie-talkies would be more than welcome. Confirmed, spreadsheet up to date.
Order phones POC: done, team DECT call is via VILL (8455) 2 phones ordered
Finish planning Straighten the timelines on the wiki, and fine-tune and finalize the pages. Meeting has taken place, further elaboration this weekend. As a result, the timelines and pages on the wiki are fine-tuned and straightened. Update 7.5.: wiki updated, timelines consolidated.
Finish role description Finalize the page Roles and it's linked role page for villages Role:Village : ok; Role:Village rental services belongs to Team:Moebelhaus (K)
Check clusters in Wiki Cluster function in wiki is not working as aspected Open (W) - Mail sent.
Write blog post Show what we is going on. Open (K)

Open Questions

Much to do, we still have.

  • Interfaces:
    • Traffic control/gatekeeping: responsibility? Night shifts covered?
    • "on-site logistic" of people + stuff from parking - responsibility?
    • Dish washers - responsibility?
    • Distribution of rented stuff - whom to contact?
  • Organizational questions
    • How many cars on terrain?
    • Limits in certain areas?
    • Materials needed for marking areas on the field, routes, etc.


This is our Timeline in which you can track the actions and their status.

Team Villages Timeline
Action Status Description
Village registration Open Villages can register
Review registrations and special needs In progress We can run reports and contact villages if there is reason to do so
1st of July: place villages Not started The ease and quality of arranging the villages strongly depend on the quality and completeness of the information from the village registration form as provided by the villages.
Finalize handout, passing permits (print) Not started Color coding
day -2: mark areas on the field, routes, etc. Not started Materials needed?
Buildup / teardown timeline Not started See below.

Capacity Planning

This is our Capacity Planning in which you can track the planned capacity as of Q2 2022 and not final yet.

Team Villages Capacity Planning
Day Date Weekday Crew (Bike) Angels Food (Crew) Food (Angels) Radios (Crew only) DECT
-7 14-07-2022 Thu 0 0 0 0 0 0
-6 15-07-2022 Fri 0 0 0 0 0 0
-5 16-07-2022 Sat 0 0 0 0 0 0
-4 17-07-2022 Sun 0 0 0 0 0 0
-3 18-07-2022 Mon 3 to 5 0 3 to 5 0 5 2
-2 19-07-2022 Tue 3 to 5 0 3 to 5 0 5 2
-1 20-07-2022 Wed 3 to 5 8 to 12 angels per shift (ca. 5 shifts à 2 hours) 3 to 5 8 to 12 angels per shift 5 2
0 21-07-2022 Thu 3 to 5 8 to 12 angels per shift (ca. 8 shifts à 2 hours) 3 to 5 8 to 12 angels per shift 5 2
1 22-07-2022 Fri 3 to 5 0 3 to 5 0 5 2
2 23-07-2022 Sat 3 to 5 0 3 to 5 0 0 2
3 24-07-2022 Sun 3 to 5 0 3 to 5 0 0 2
4 25-07-2022 Mon 3 to 5 0 3 to 5 0 0 2
5 26-07-2022 Tue 3 to 5 8 to 12 angels per shift (ca. 2 shifts à 2 hours) 3 to 5 8 to 12 angels per shift 5 2
6 27-07-2022 Wed 3 to 5 8 to 12 angels per shift (ca. 4 shifts à 2 hours) 3 to 5 8 to 12 angels per shift 5 2
7 28-07-2022 Thu 3 to 5 0 3 to 5 0 5 2
8 29-07-2022 Fri 0 0 0 0 0 0

FAQ - Pre-information phase

WARNING: This information is still under construction (as of Q2 2022) and not final yet.


What is a village?

A village is a group of people who want to camp together and more or less organize themselves. Sometimes a village also wants to organize or display sub-events or hackspaces/town halls for their village. Some villages might set up a small data center, hack-tent, fancy lights, workshop/talking place, etc.

What is a village not?

A cheap way for your company to advertise or recruit, at the event. If you want to support a village with goods or financially, that's okay, but try to limit your commercial or government presence at the event.

How do I get/make one?

Get organized, figure out how many people you want in your village, what you want to do in your village. How much space you need. etc. Then create a village page on the wiki ( ). If you have any questions about what is possible or if you want to do something big/special: Contact us.

I want to do something special! Now what?

Cool! We'd love to hear what you have in mind and what you need to do it. You will probably have to arrange most things yourself, but we can help you with placement, power, network, space, etc.

Can we rent tents via you?

Yes, please check the link at, Moebelhaus shop will be open for villages between 11.02. and 22.04.2022.

Can we select a location for our village?

Not the exact location, but you can select on which field (< still under construction, details will follow) you want your village placed. On the Fields page (< still under construction, details will follow), you will be able to identify the properties of each field as soon as this is final.

You can also place a map marker on the Villages-Form to mark your preferred location. (< still under construction, will follow when available) However, there is no guarantee about being placed there.

How does Village placement work?

  • Villages select a preferred location and field. Please try to balance the 'usage' of each field. (< field page still under construction, will follow when available)
  • Villages put lots of information about their village into the Village-Form (click the 'edit with Form' button).
  • On the 1st of July, the Village team will revisit the preferred location and move around Villages. The goal here is to meet as many constraints as possible.
  • Villages forming Clusters will be placed next to each other.

Since there will be a lot of conflicting requirements, we will move most villages around on the field. This can't be helped, since there will be contradicting constraints.

The village orga team will try to consider as much of your requirements as possible.

When will we know our final location?

Team:Villages will have a planning meeting on the first of July and place all villages that are registered in the wiki by that day. We will do our bests to consider all the requirements for the individual villages and clusters. The result will be published as soon as possible.

We want to bring some heavy/bulky stuff for our village. Can we deliver right to the village location?

That depends. Driving is only allowed on paved roads. And access to the campsite will only be available before and after the event. Details on that will follow once we have decided how to handle that. In any case, please get in contact with us as soon as possible!

How is waste-disposal arranged?

  • Regular event waste (trash-bags) can be disposed of, in one of the many bins around the fields.
  • For larger items (not household trash): Please take home everything you bring to MCH2022. Bear in mind, that everything you leave behind will cost us valuable volunteer-time and money, which we could be spending on more fun stuff!
  • Everything you bring to the camp has to be taken home again. No stuff can be left on the field (old couches, construction material, etc.). So keep that in mind when planning your village.

Is there any place for Campers?

There is a limited amount of tickets for campers. Please visit the ticket shop to buy a ticket.

FAQ - Preparation for the camp (week -4)

Heavy/bulky stuff / special vehicle access required?

  • If you want to bring lots of large stuff and need vehicle access to the campground, please contact us.

FAQ Event

The text below is not yet final, but here are the references from the previous event:
WARNING: This information is still under construction (as of Q2 2022) and not final yet.

General Information

Timeline for village build-up / tear-down

In the schedule below, you will find a timeline of the event (not final yet, cross check with the official time table).

Village build-up / tear-down schedule
Day Weekday Date Time Event
-1 Wednesday 20-07-2022 12:00 Access for villages (Buildup start)
tbd Rented table / chairs are distributed by team:logistics
-1 Wednesday 20-07-2022 22:00 Buildup paused
0 Thursday 21-07-2022 06:00 Buildup continued
0 Thursday 21-07-2022 12:00 Access visitors
22:00 End of Buildup. No cars on field!
1 Friday 22-07-2022 12:00 First talk
5 Tuesday 26-07-2022 16:00 Closing talk
tbd Rented tent must be empty and clean.
tbd Rented table / chairs are collected by team:logistics
22:00 Teardown paused
6 Wednesday 27-07-2022 06:00 Teardown continued
12:00 Teardown end, visitors must have left!

Village location

All registered villages will be assigned a location on July 1st. The location of your village will be published in the wiki.


Early buildup will be possible, but we can't have too many people on the field on the days before the event. So please try to plan your buildup, so you can do it in one day.


For (larger) villages the early buildup starts day -1. Please check the time table! Please note: no cars are allowed on the field during the event!

Driving is only allowed on paved roads. There are only a limited number of cars allowed on the field at the same time.

Village Guidance Angels will guide you to your village location and back to the entrance, so please ensure a fast (un-)loading of your stuff.

During the Event - Important to know

  • Unfortunately, we need to follow some regulations. Please take a look at the Camping Page for more details.


Tear-down starts on day 5, after the last talks. For details, please check above time table. After 10pm CEST, there are no cars allowed on the field until the next morning at 6am CEST.

Tear-down ends on day 6, please check the time table for details. At noon, all visitors must have left, only the volunteers/orga are allowed on the field.

As soon as you are ready to leave (everything needs to be packed) take your car to the entrance, a Village Guidance Angel will take you on the field as soon as possible. Please note: there are only a limited number of cars allowed on the field at the same time.

Please make sure you take everything with you that you brought!
Please leave the place at least as clean as it was when you came!

Information about Specials

In the items below, you will find more detailed information about so called Specials.

Big Tents

Big tents need to be pre-registered for safety reasons (fire safety, escape routes, etcetera). They also need to be fire-retardant according to NEN 6065 class II norm (equivalent DIN 4102-B1).

Big tents include for example:

  • Hacktents / Kitchen tents / Lounge tents
  • Sleeping tents for more than 5 persons.
  • Tents larger than 25m2

The municipality fire department will do a safety check of the campsite. They might also check your tent. Make sure it complies with the regulation. The worst-case scenario is that they won't approve, and you have to take the tent down!


  • Tents with more than 10 sleeping beds have to have a working fire alarm
  • Per group of 25 persons a minimum of 1 foam fire extinguisher with a minimum capacity of 6 liters has to be present. Please bring foam and not powder extinguishers because of the potential collateral damage to electronic equipment if used.
  • If a tent is (larger than 60m2) OR (more than 30 people average are present) OR (at a peek more than 50 people are present); An emergency exit sign with emergency lighting is required.

For the complete overview, check the wiki of team:Fire


Campers need to have a ticket!


  1. A camper-ticket is not a parking ticket! It is intended only for campers/caravans and not for any kinds of cars/vans/busses/etcetera.
  2. You can't select the position of your vehicle on the terrain. That means you most likely won't be able to camp next to a specific village.

Rented stuff

Rented Tents

Your tents were placed as aligned beforehand.

Please leave them empty and clean after the event, details at the timetable above.

Please do not damage those tents, the orga will pay a deposit for them. If you do something really stupid and damage the tent, we will ask you for monetary compensation.

Chairs and Tables

Distribution: by team:logistics, please check timetable above. Collection: by team:logistics, please check timetable above.

Special vehicles

A vehicle that contributes to the event and shall stay on the field has to be pre-registered and needs to be approved by team:villages in advance. You will get a special label for your vehicle and an angel will guide you to your location. Special vehicles ARE NOT ALLOWED to be moved during the event! If you are in doubt, please contact us.

Further questions? / Contacts

  • If there are any questions please write to
  • If you want to have your workshops/meet-ups etc included in the official MCH2022 program, do contact
  • Likewise, if your ambitions go further than workshops and you want to run your own stage, the Content team really would like to know who curates your content and if you would be willing to pick up proposals that the Content team does not consider a good fit for a large stage but more for a specific village stage. Team Content would also like to know if you are willing to host workshops related to the main MCH2022 program.
  • If there is a need for audio/video equipment, please write to Team Productiehuis